The floodgates surrounding the casting of Dancing with the Stars season 23 are starting to leak. ABC News sat down with the woman who makes all the casting happen on Dancing with the Stars. Deena Katz, the show’s casting director, opened up about who she is hoping to target for season 23 and hinted at who fans can see when the season starts. 

When Will the Cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 23 Be Announced? >>> It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any longtime Dancing with the Stars fan, but Katz is really hoping to land an Olympian for season 23. Katz hasn’t been able to confirm any of the Olympians’ appearances yet. Landing at least one is near the top of her wish list. 

“You know it worked with Shawn Johnson, it worked with Misty May, it worked with Evan Lysacek, and that is our show, that’s America. I’ve talked to a lot of Olympians but, unfortunately for them, I can’t really lock someone in so it’s kind of like putting that call out and then they’re all just waiting,” Katz explained, “And yet, they’re a little busy right now, too. So it’s this thing of, ‘OK, I’ve talked to you, you guys are great, now let’s wait and see what happens.'”

While Katz remains cautious, it sounds like at least one Olympian will make it through to Dancing with the Stars. My money is on another gymnast like Shawn Johnson appearing — someone like the increasingly popular Simone Biles and/or Laurie Hernandez, though I wouldn’t count out Gabby Douglas either. And I’m sure Dancing with the Stars would love to get Michael Phelps following his final Olympics. 

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An Olympian isn’t the top of the heap for Katz, though. Katz has wanted one particular person on Dancing with the Stars but has never been able to land them. “You know, I ask Bill Clinton every time,” she said. “But this time I actually didn’t ask him because I thought he might be a little busy.” 

As much Katz is being playful here, I don’t know if Dancing with the Stars can count out any member of the Clinton family appearing on the show. Chelsea Clinton doesn’t appear to be too much in the spotlight right now …

Deena Katz has shared what she thinks makes a good Dancing with the Stars contestant. Katz tries to look for someone “current” and “topical” with just “a little bit of nostalgia.” This certainly explains the abundance of child stars, both past and present, that have appeared on Dancing with the Stars over the years.

But what do you think? Who do you want to see on Dancing with the Stars season 23? Who do you think fits the qualifications of “topical” and “nostalgic?” Who is your dream Olympian to be on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars season 23 will premiere Monday, September 12 at 8pm on ABC.

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