Dancing with the Stars season 23 will premiere on September 12 but so far no one knows about the cast. According to Wetpaint.com however, that reveal might be coming very soon. All signs all pointing towards August 31, 2016 being the date when ABC finally reveals the full cast of Dancing with the Stars season 23.

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The news mainly comes straight from the horse’s (or ABC’s) mouth. Wetpaint reports that a producer of ABC’s Good Morning America, Dancing with the Star‘s traditional home of cast announcements, said on their Twitter account that August 30 would be the big reveal day. The tweet has since been deleted, suggesting that either plans have not been finalized or is was an error altogether.

However when asked on his Twitter account, Dancing with the Star host Tom Bergeron seemingly confirmed the August 30 date. When asked if the reveal would be on August 29 or August 31, Bergeron replied that maybe it was somewhere in between. 

Another Twitter tease from the host seemed to suggest that General Hospital actress, Emma Samms will be joining the cast. Bergeron called the actress a “tease” for telling her followers that she had “good news” but could not share. 

If the August 30 reveal date for the cast is true, these spoilerific teases are something to keep in mind. The news of the majority of stars on a Dancing with the Stars cast can usually be found out online, weeks before the actual announcement. If the official reveal is only a couple of weeks away, fans can certainly start looking for the rumor mill to start churning out some accurate predictions. 

So what do you think? Are you excited? Who do you hope will be on season 23? If Emma Samms is all but confirmed, there should also be good money on at least one Olympian from Rio showing up. Do you agree? 


Dancing with the Stars season 23 will premiere Monday, September 12 at 8pm on ABC.


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