The Power of Veto isn’t quite so powerful on Big Brother 18. It hasn’t been used half the time so far after eight times. With Paulie and Corey on the block, did one of them get saved or are two of the strongest competitors still on the block?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Victor Won the Power of Veto>>

He did NOT use it.

Sorry, Paulie, but it looks like your game is over. He initially tried to plead with Victor to use it on Corey and nominate Natalie, but that failed. Then he tried throwing James under the bus, but it was too late. If anything, this has only bonded Paul, Victor, James, Natalie and Michelle even more, now against Nicole and Corey.

Which BB18 HG Are You?>>

Things have gotten pretty pitiful for Paulie. He’s been very emotional, even talking about self-evicting or quitting if he gets sent to the jury house because he doesn’t want to spend five weeks there. It’s rather embarrassing and the other HGs are all getting a bit uncomfortable with what a sore loser he’s being.


-This is the third time in a row that the Power of Veto has NOT been used. There have only been four times in the show’s history that it’s not been used four or more times in a row.

-This is the fifth time all season the Power of Veto has NOT been used. Since the Power of Veto was introduced in season 3, there have only been four seasons where it wasn’t used six or more times.

-James and Nicole have now survived nine evictions without ever being nominated. Only nine other people have ever done this, and the last time two people did it in the same season was season 6 (with Beau and April).

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