With only three girls and five guys left on Big Brother 18, it’s easy to see a path for total male domination. Following the double eviction, are two girls on the block AGAIN, or did the Executives fall apart?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Victor Won the Week 8 HoH Competition>>

He nominated Paulie and Corey.

What a difference a week makes! Seven days ago I was lamenting Victor’s HoH when he nominated Michelle and Zakiyah, now he’s done a 180 and turned on the other strong guys.

This move was several days in the making, especially with Paul leading the charge. Paul and Victor (who now refer to themselves as the two-man Sitting Ducks alliance) joined forces with James, Natalie and Michelle to take down Paulie, Corey and Nicole. They compared notes and saw that Paulie was turning all of them against each other.

Nicole Wins the Third Care Package>>

Paulie and Corey were certain Michelle and Natalie were going on the block, claiming that they were sticking to the Executives (but, to be honest, Thursday night Paulie and Corey talked alone about targeting Victor next week, or James and Paul). Paulie was planning on taunting Michelle after the nomination ceremony about the all-guys alliance, but now the tables have turned.

Afterwards, Paulie and Corey seemed fine with it, playing it cool. Victor was all about respect and giving them a chance to save themselves. Paulie tried to claim he didn’t think Victor was going to be evicted when he backdoored him, which is a total lie. There was definitely a lot of awkward silence and introspection from Paulie, Corey and Nicole.

UPDATE: After a while, Paulie confronted Victor and Paul about their reason for it. He’s acting like he was loyal to the guys to the end, throwing the girls, especially Michelle, under the bus for blowing up his game and making up stories about him.

With Nicole receiving the Super Safety Care Package, the plan is to use Michelle as a pawn if the Power of Veto gets used, but Paul, James and Natalie would still control the votes to evict either Paulie or Corey, whichever one is left on the block.

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Paul and Victor have definitely picked a side and, in private conversations, they’ve discussed taking out Paulie, Corey and Nicole, then cutting Michelle in fifth and James in fourth so they are in the Final 3 with Natalie.


-Since Nicole has Super Safety, she will survive nine rounds of nominations without ever being put on the block. Only 10 other people have done that, including Derrick Levasseur, Andy Herren and Ian Terry, three of the last four winners. James has a good chance of also joining that list as long as he is not the replacement nominee.

-Nicole’s Super Safety also means she will get to cast a vote this week, which will be her eighth consecutive time voting. Only 10 other people have ever done that, including Liz Nolan and Victoria Rafaeli from the past two seasons.

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