It’s been three weeks since a woman has won a competition on Big Brother 18. And after the double eviction, there are only three left, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up about a woman winning anytime soon.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Victor Wins the Week 8 HoH Competition>>

Victor Nominates Paulie and Corey>>

Paul, James and Nicole were also picked to play.

Victor won the Power of Veto!

It was Zingbot with an election theme and the prize/punishment competition. Now the Puerto Rican Sensation has yet another competition win under his belt and most likely the nominations will stay the same. With the night 1 endurance competition, Road Kill, three Battle Backs and now two HoHs and a PoV, Victor is up to eight competition wins this season, only playing in a total of 14 comps. Here’s what was won.

Victor: Power of Veto

James: $5,000

Nicole: A vacation for two to anywhere in the U.S.

Corey: A Patriot-tard (it’s an American flag theme with a cape and hat, he must have a Zingbot sign on one hand and a bald eagle puppet named Baldwin on the other)

Paul: He’s a Secret Service Agent, in a suit and sunglasses. He must act serious and every time a Red Alert sounds, he has to pat down all seven HGs and then walk around the house to a series of five checkpoints and announce that it’s all clear.

Paulie: He has to bake apple pies for the house whenever he is ordered to do it

As for the Zings, Corey got one about how he can’t sweep Nicole off her feet because Hayden already did. James’ was about his height. Paul’s was about how he has a bunch of catchphrases (“Your boy,” “Friendship,” “Pissed”), but Zingbot has one more for him: Shut the eff up! Michelle’s was about puking and crying, Paulie’s was about Cody or Derrick, Nicole’s was about throwing her game away for a boy and Victor’s was in Spanish (calling him a d-bag).

Paulie is already trying to spin it, pitching the idea to use it on Corey and nominate a girl so he can campaign against her, because he won’t campaign against Corey. That might be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

Nicole Wins the Third Care Package>>

Paul is definitely not on board with that, and it seems the nominations will stay the same and Paulie will be evicted. But with a Round Trip Ticket and a special Friday night episode, anything is possible.

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The Have-Nots

Once again, the Have-Nots are connected to who did the worst in the HoH competition, so it’s Michelle and Nicole (it would’ve been Natalie, but she has the Never-Not Pass). They get to eat like squirrels, so they also have sunflower seeds and corn on the cob.

This is Michelle’s first time as a Have-Not, leaving Victor as the only remaining HG who hasn’t done it. This is Nicole’s second time, and combined with three times in season 16, she and James are the only people ever to be a Have-Not five times across all seasons.


-Victor is the fourth person this season to win HoH and PoV in the same week (Paulie, Bridgette and Corey on the DE also did it). That ties the all-time record for most times this has happened in a season. However, it’s the first time ever that four different people have done it in a single season (in previous years, there was someone who did it twice).

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