Thursday is the first double eviction on Big Brother 18 and it couldn’t come at a better time because the house is crazier than ever. Wednesday night leading into Thursday morning, people exploded, confronted each other, exposed their games and even made personal attacks. It got ugly, but perhaps in the most exciting way possible.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

It all started when Natalie decided to go to Zakiyah and throw Paulie under the bus. I’m not sure it was a wise move (since the plan is for Zakiyah to be evicted), but it created chaos. Natalie told her that Paulie doesn’t care about her, he knew she was going to be nominated and that she was Victor’s real target and she added that Paulie has flirted with her in the past. Zakiyah was in tears about how stupid she’s been.

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But then, as always, Zakiyah went to Paulie and told him everything that Natalie said. This set him off and he proceeded to bad-mouth Natalie to anyone who would listen, going on and on about how trashy Jersey girls are and how Natalie is the one who was flirting with him, just like she did with Victor and Corey before settling for James. He went to James and told him that he needs to control his woman, because she’s opening her mouth and that’s a problem.

For a brief moment, it looked as though James might change his mind about saving Michelle, but that was remedied when Paulie confronted Natalie and called her out. The line he was the most proud of was “You’re as a fake as those things on your chest,” because her breast implants are a favorite topic of conversation for Paulie.

That didn’t go over well. James was offended and back on Team Natalie. Natalie and Paulie exchanged heated words in the HoH room, and then Bridgette tried to defend Natalie and got attacked by Paulie as well. Paulie certainly doesn’t seem to appreciate girls who talk back.

By the end of the crazy night, Paulie and Michelle, in separate bedrooms, were yelling at each other through the walls. He asked if she’s crying, she said that she’s laughing.

The end result of all this insanity is roughly the same. Paulie still believes he has total control over the house and that Zakiyah is staying. But James, Natalie, Bridgette, Paul, Victor and Michelle have other plans. It seems that James will cancel the votes of Paul and Corey, leading to a 3-2 vote to evict Zakiyah with Paulie and Nicole as the only votes to evict Michelle. However, Paul wants to try and blame the third vote on Nicole, claiming that it’s a girls’ alliance.

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Michelle plans on blowing up Paulie’s game even more in her eviction speech, getting him even angrier at her. It could get ugly. Then, of course, the double eviction is going to be absolute chaos. If James, Natalie, Bridgette, Michelle or Paul win HoH, the plan seems to be Corey and Nicole, with a goal of backdooring Paulie. But if Paulie, Corey or Nicole win that HoH, things will just go crazy.

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