On this episode of Colony, “A Brave New World,” Will starts his new job and discovers that Snyder wasn’t entirely forthcoming about the position while his wife, Katie, gets in deeper with the Resistance.

It’s the dawn of a new day for the Bowman family as Will is about to start his new job, and Katie reopens the Yonk and steps up her work as a member of the Resistance. Will has a shiny new car in the driveway, which is a dead giveaway to the neighbors that something is up, but since the Bowman’s want to keep Will’s role as a lackey for the Collaborators under wraps, they come up with a mildly feasible cover story that he was promoted to the head of sanitation.

Will Gets His First Assignment

Will goes to headquarters and meets his team. There’s Jennifer McMahon who mines data from the insurgency and looks for ways to exploit it. Will quickly learns that he is not in charge. Instead, he answers to a woman named Phyllis (Kathy Baker). She emphasizes that their job is to keep the peace, and Phyllis hopes Will’s skills will go a long way toward that end.

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Will wants to know if his primary directive is to still find Geronimo. It is, but Phyllis informs him that every journey has a first step. Will is tasked with finding a man named. Andrew Hines. He planted the IED on the truck that exploded in the Santa Monica gateway. Fortuitous, since this is the reason Will got busted and then recruited. Hines isn’t Resistance, someone paid him. But true believer or not, Hines was responsible for the death of both civilians and Homeland security officers.

Katie and Wills Interests Intersect

Katie heads to the bar and gets a visit from Broussard. He’s already got a job for her, and it just so happens to coincide with Will’s first assignment. Broussard somehow already knows that Will’s team is looking for the cell that bombed the Santa Monica gateway, and the Resistance needs to know how close they are to finding them.

Will is partnered with Beau (Carl Weathers) who seems to relish his role as a cog in the wheel. Their first stop is Hines’ girlfriend’s apartment. Beau points out the Homeland have already tread this territory, but Will is convinced since Hines is no seasoned operative, he’ll return to what he knows, especially if it’s a hot girlfriend.

Will questions the woman, Teresa, but she swears she hasn’t seen Hines since she broke up with him a month ago. Will used some soda, another rare commodity these days, to bribe some kids downstairs who told him that Hines had been around a lot lately, at least until the bomb went off. He tells this to Teresa, but she doesn’t change her story.

Will leaves and heads around to the back of the building confident he’s flushed Hines out. Sure enough, Will catches the guy trying to make an exit and chases him back into his girlfriend’s apartment. Hines heads out a window¬† but doesn’t get far before Will tackles him to the ground. As Will loads the guy into the car, a drone shows up. Apparently, Big Brother is watching.

Will delivers Hines to the Redhats and learns that he won’t be interrogating him. Beau tells him that job belongs to another department. As Will leaves Hines in lock up, he sees his friend Carlos who was brought in earlier that morning. Carlos got pinched for helping Will with his plan to sneak into Santa Monica.

Will Tries to Help Out a Friend

Carlos is confused and surprised to see Will, and he tells Carlos the truth; he got caught and was forced to take a job with The Occupation because they discovered his real identity as a former FBI agent and all-around badass.

Carlos feels betrayed, and he doesn’t give a shit that if Will didn’t take the job his family would be sent to The Factory. Carlos has his own wife and kid, Lucia and Mateo, to think about. Will swears he will find Carlos’ family and get his friend out.

Finding Lucia and Mateo turns out to be an easy task, since they show up at the Bowman house. Will may work for “The Man,” but he doesn’t share their ideologies, so he has no problem trying to help Lucia and Mateo escape. He and Katie take them to a guy named Surak who specializes in making IDs. He apparently helped Will go underground, and we see how well that worked out.

Helping Carlos is proving to be a bit more difficult. Will wants Phyllis to release him, so Carlos can work as an informant, but Phyllis isn’t necessarily in the mood to grant favors. Will has to explain that Snyder may have said Will would be in charge, but this is one of what promises to be the first of many lies.

Will tells Katie about Phyllis, and he suspects that she’s ex-CIA. Even though it seems high-level agents from previous government agencies were extinguished in some kind of bureaucratic genocide, Phyllis not only survived, she thrived.

A Cell Poses a Threat to the Resistance

Katie questions what Phyllis has him working on, and Will divulges all, so now she knows that Hines has been caught. First chance Katie gets, she again meets with the Resistance leader, Quayle, and tells him the Occupation arrested the man who loaded the bomb on the truck. They plan to use him to uncover the rest of the cell.

The man tells Katie that cell used to be affiliated with them, but they splintered off when there was “a difference of philosophy.” But this group can’t be caught because they can identify key members of the Resistance, and the timing couldn’t be worse. They are close to executing a plan that will do “meaningful damage.” They could even uncover secrets that could help them end the Occupation. If this other cell is captured, everything they’ve worked for is at risk. FYI, this guy knows Geronimo.

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A New Normal

Will returns to headquarters to learn Carlos is being shipped off to The Factory. He confronts Phyllis who tries to impart some wisdom to Will. When the aliens arrived, they knocked out every defense mechanism in the city in eight hours. There’s no way a group of guerrillas stands a chance. All they will do is kill innocent peoples and cause life in the bloc to get far worse for its inhabitants.

Will isn’t feeling too great after his first day, but Katie is there to give him a pep talk. The old rules don’t apply, and all anyone can do now is whatever it takes to protect the ones they love. We know this is her logic for playing for the opposite team.

Will gets a call that Hines rolled over on the rest of the cell. Katie overhears, and once Will leaves, she relays this info to Broussard.

The Resistance Is Not What It Seems

Carlos and other prisoners arrive at The Factory. They are told to strip, and then they enter a chamber. It seems like this is going to end much like the showers in the Nazi prison camps, but they emerge dressed like doctors headed into surgery, complete with face masks.

Beau and Will show up at the location Hines has given them and find the cell members have all been executed, and Geronimo is written on the wall in what appears to be blood. So much for helping them escape.

Beau questions how the murderer(s) knew they were coming, and Will responds that they have a leak.

Colony airs Thursdays at 10pm on USA.

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