As freezing temperatures force people to get creative to stay warm, the team investigates a cold-blooded case in “Deja Vu” on NCIS. It’s one that ends up being from Bishop’s past, a human-trafficking ring she thought she had helped shut down years ago. The people involved in this ring are cold-blooded — as they make clear to the women they hold to make sure they cooperate — but fortunately, Bishop is able to put the pieces together and figure out when someone’s trying to lead them on a wild goose chase and find the killer.

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“Dear President Truman. I mean Harry. I mean Sir.”

Not only is Bishop writing a letter to a dead president, she stumbles over what to call him in said letter.

Since She and Jake “Hit the Skids” and She Doesn’t Keep a Journal, She Doesn’t Have Many People to Talk to.

Who better than the founder of the modern-day NSA?

“The last couple of days really sucked. Not because it was cold — frostbite comes with living in D.C. — but because it made me reconsider every reason I became a federal agent, both NSA and NCIS.”

As tough as 2015 had been, the last couple of days put everything into perspective for Bishop.

“Losing anyone in uniform is difficult. We encounter it here too often.”

“Based on everything I was learning, Ramos was someone to be admired.”

“This was a young woman, a young sailor who had her whole life ahead of her and she wanted to serve. She wanted to help put away a gang member. She wanted to do the right thing. Based on everything I was learning, Ramos was someone to be admired.”

“I work with people now who have nothing but courage and determination.”

Truman was once quoted as saying, “America wasn’t built on fear. It was built on courage, imagination and unbeatable determination to do the job,” she notes.

Bishop Admits the Case was Affecting Her Vision

As an analyst, she feels she should have seen things more clearly, especially with two women missing and the trail still cold.

Remembering What the Traffickers Were Capable of Left Bishop Wondering if Her Help Isn’t Good Enough

“How do we keep going?” She writes. “How do we put away one knowing there are 50 more waiting to be caught?” She became a federal agent to help, but what if that’s not enough?

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“Some people like pushing paper. … We couldn’t allow this case to get bogged down in Washington bureaucracy. We needed answers fast.”

There’s Another Difference Between Bishop and Jake: He Loves Pushing Paper.

“Maybe I should have paid more attention to our differences sooner,” she acknowledges.

“All I can do now is look forward, forward to working with the best team in the world, to be the best agent I can be.”

The case made her “want to work harder,” she concludes. Yes, she wishes she could have saved the women they lost and stopped Connors from the beginning, but all she can do is look forward.

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