Barry finally decided to tell Patty the truth on The Flash Season 2 Episode 10, “Potential Energy,” but it turned out to be a good thing that the timing just never worked out. Team Flash confronted a metahuman, nicknamed “The Turtle,”  who could slow down people around him in the hopes that they could use this power to defeat Zoom.
This mission provided the opportunities for some great lines and exchanges. Check out the best quotes from “Potential Energy.”

“I didn’t realize roses were so flammable.”
– Barry

Captain: “Your Pops here is a hell of a detective.”
Wally:  “Obviously not.”

Iris: “I’ve always wanted a baby brother.”
Wally: “What about the White Shadow?”

Barry: “Who is the turtle?”
Caitlin: “It’s Cisco’s white whale.”
Jay: “Half whale, half turtle.”

Cisco: “He’s slowing down everything around him. And that is why we call him the Turtle.”
Barry: “Why have you never mentioned this guy to me before?
Cisco: “Oh, I don’t know, I think we’ve just been a little distracted, you know, what with Captain Cold and the Weather Wizard and Gorilla Grodd. Do I need to go on?”

“What was it like being in Turtle Time?”
– Cisco

“Well, West family 2.0 is not really off to a great start.”
– Iris after Wally skipped out on the family dinner

Cisco: “I think we found the next target for our 30-something, meta-human, not-a-Ninja-Turtle.”
Caitlin: “How long did it take you to come up with that one?”
Cisco: “It just came out of my mouth… did you see that?”

Caitlin: “How do you look in a tux?”
Cisco: “Come on, he’s 6’2″, he’s square-jawed,and he’s jacked. I think he looks fine.”
Jay: “I’m 6’4.”

“I will say, she put bullets in King Shark and Harry. So as far as I’m concerned that’s Team Flash material for me.”
– Cisco to Barry about telling Patty the truth

“Things went a little sideways after your girlfriend decided to go all Lethal Weapon 1 through 4 on Turtle.”
– Cisco

“Gideon. Where the hell am I?”
– Professor Thawne from Earth 2

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