When The 100 Season 3 picks up, Abby’s juggling a lot as the Chancellor, a doctor and a mother with a missing daughter. BuddyTV caught up with Paige Turco on the show’s set to discuss what’s coming up for Abby and the Arkers this season.

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Can you talk about Abby’s leadership position as we go into The 100 Season 3?

She’s still in leadership, but there’s so much chaos with all the Arkers trying to find a way to– of new rules and how to live you know. … She does go into it as Chancellor this season and always keep in mind that Abby did not ask for this position.

Did she have any health issues after the Mountain Men tried extracting her bone marrow in the Season 2 finale?

No. She’s kind of miraculous. I did think about that, as well, though. No, she’s not limping anymore. She’s pretty much healed. We pick up three months after, so time has passed. In fact the sets are amazing.

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It’s pretty cool, right? It’s pretty chichi with the chandelier. I was like, “Oh, my God, look at the art.” … There’s bowls of jewelry. I was walking by going, “Wow. That’s cool.” And a bar and a piano, which is put to good use.

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Will we still see Abby in her doctor capacity as well?

That’s part of her struggle. She wears two hats– well, three hats, being a mom. I think that’s what’s interesting in what my character is going through at the beginning of the season is trying to manage and balance being a doctor, being the Chancellor and trying to find a way to do both, which is exhausting.

Abby’s tried so hard to be with her daughter. What is Abby’s mindset with Clarke’s absence and what is her path going forward?

She’s gone again! It’s a very mother-teenage [thing]– you don’t want your child to grow up, right? Or, you always want to take care of them. So no matter how old they are, you always know better, right? Which really isn’t the case, because on the ground, she has a lot more experience.

Last season, we saw that she can be a leader. But, yes. This season, we’ll go further with really Abby and Clarke finding not a new relationship, but a new way to see each other. We respect each other, but it grows. It’s gonna grow, but she’s always running away.

The 100 Season 3 premieres Thursday, January 21 at 9pm ET on the CW.

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