Supernatural knows a thing or two about sacrifices. Sam and Dean have sacrificed themselves countless times to save each other or the world. But in the mid-season premiere, someone else gets the opportunity to make a big, possibly idiotic, but very intriguing sacrifice.

Yes, Supernatural‘s winter premiere did not disappoint, giving us Teen Sam, a major death and a new twist with Lucifer that looks quite promising. Oh, and Satan Claus killed Crowley with a candy cane, but that was just a dream.

Lucifer Tries to Get Sam to Say “Yes”

Lucifer decides against torturing Sam to convince him to be his vessel again. Instead, they take a trip into Sam’s memories, so we get to see Colin Ford return as Teen Sam, making out with a chick. There’s also the end of season 5, when Sam jumped into the Cage to save the world, and his time with Amelia and her dog, aka the worst thing Sam’s ever done.

The point is that Sam used to be decisive and willing to do what it takes to win. But ever since Amelia, he’s felt guilty for abandoning Dean and now refuses to give up on his brother. Lucifer points out the on-going Winchester problem, that they care too much about each other and are willing to do anything to save each other, even if it hurts the world and others.

This strategy doesn’t work as Sam still says “No.” He’s willing to die and watch his friends and family die, but he won’t be Lucifer’s bitch again. The other problem is that, like Alien vs. Predator, if it comes down to Amara vs. Lucifer, no matter who wins, the world would lose.

Rowena’s Deal with the Devil

Sam wasn’t the only one getting messages and visions from Lucifer. Rowena’s been having dreams of Christmas morning, with Satan as Santa. Not only is she in love with Lucifer, but she wants to help him escape the Cage and defeat the Darkness so he can take over Heaven and she can serve as his queen.

When Dean learns about Sam, he travels to Hell with the assistance of Billie the Reaper, the woman Sam met back in the season premiere. She provides a witch catcher, a collar that turns Rowena into Crowley’s slave so she can get Sam out of the Cage.

Is the Darkness Alive?

While Dean goes to help Sam, Castiel returns to Ground Zero of the Darkness smiting to see if Amara is really dead. He runs into another angel, Ambriel, who gets a little meta about how the Winchesters are the real heroes and everyone else, including angels like Cas, is expendable.

Ambriel finds Amara, but the Darkness is alive and kills her. She’s about to kill Cas to, but decides against it. Instead, she sends him back to Dean with a message carver in his chest: “I Am Coming.”

Cage Match

After Sam turns down Lucifer, the Devil resorts to a beatdown. Dean and Cas come to Sam’s rescue, entering the cage for a 3-on-1 brawl. The goal is to fight back long enough for Rowena’s spell to work, locking Lucifer back up for good.

Lucifer kicks a lot of ass-butt, threatening to kill Dean unless Sam says “Yes.” Cas makes the last save and after a blinding light, Lucifer is gone. Sam, Dean and Cas return to Earth and Crowley keeps Rowena as his slave in Hell.

Lucifer on the Loose

However, in the final scene of the episode, Cas returns to Hell. Only he’s not Cas, he’s Lucifer! Yes, in order to defeat the Darkness, Cas agreed to be Lucifer’s vessel, which is cool because it gives Misha Collins a chance to do his best Mark Pellegrino impression.

Cas/Lucifer removes the witch catcher and is about to kiss Rowena, but first he wants to know if anyone else can open the Cage. No one else can, so Cas kills her and sits down for a talk with Crowley.

Wow, that’s how you kick off the second half of a season, by killing off a major character and finding a new role for Cas. Sure, we’ve seen him as the bad guy before when he became God, but this isn’t even Cas. It’s just his meat suit, so now Misha gets to play Lucifer. And after one scene, I’m on board with that. The only problem is that I’m not sure what to call him. I’ll probably go with Casifer unless someone has a better nickname.

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