“Codominance” delivered on the exciting set up of the previous episode. Teen Wolf took almost all the important moments from “Damnatio Memoriae” and expanded them and even introduced some entirely new threads. While there were almost as many great moments in “Codominance” as the previous two episodes, there were also a lot of funny, emotional and exhilarating lines. “Codominance” had some of the best lines yet for this half season of MTV’s Teen Wolf. Here are the 17 best quotes from “Codominance”

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“If we can’t help you, you’ll stay and become one of us. A Skinwalker. You’ll walk with us under the sun through the dust. Forever.”

– The Skinwalkers to Kira

“Let me help. Let me do something. Just tell me what I can do.”

Liam: “Where are you guys going?”

Scott: “To get Kira. Her dad told us that her mom took her out to New Mexico, to this place called Shiprock. They’re trying to figure out a way to help her, but it’s dangerous. So we’re gonna go find her and bring her back.”

Liam: “I’ll come with you.”

Scott: “Nah, you can’t.”

Liam: “Let me help. Let me do something. Just tell me what I can do.”

Scott: “Don’t do anything.”

“You want to get the band back together, Scott, you don’t leave out the drummer.”

– Stiles talking about Scott’s refusal to let Liam help

“The Doctors, they needed a body because they couldn’t resurrect the Beast out of thin air. That kid underneath, whoever it is, just a side effect. All the Doctors care about is the Beast.”

– Theo explaining the Dread Doctors’ relation to the Beast

“If this part of you becomes too powerful, it will consume you. Do you understand what that means? You won’t even exist anymore.”

– Noshiko talking to Kira about her powers

“We’re not so different from them.”

Kira: “So this is it? This is all I’ve got? I pass their test and then I can spend a couple months, or if I’m really lucky, years, learning from a couple of crazy, half-naked women carrying spears and wearing animal pelts.”

Noshiko: “You carry a sword and you wear a leather jacket. We’re not so different from them.”

“Damnatio memoriae was a Roman practice, a government decree to destroy the images of the damned. And they would scratch off their names from inscriptions, chisel their face off of statues. The Romans believed it was a punishment worse than death.”

– Scott researching in Roscoe

“I think she’s gonna kill her. She’s gonna kill her mother.”

– Scott about Malia

“Not necessarily.”

Scott: “What’s happening?”

Stiles: “Um… Yeah, we’re out of gas. It’s out of gas.”

Scott: “It says we have half a tank.”

Stiles: “Yeah, not necessarily.”

Scott: “You didn’t fix the gas gauge, did you?”

Stiles: “Not necessarily.”

“Valack used your scream as a tool by focusing it. If you’re going to use it as a weapon, you need to learn to do the same.”

– Meredith to Lydia

“There are definitely bad guys. Some of the bad guys are called Dread Doctors. You don’t get a name like Dread Doctors and not get classified as the bad guys.”

– Mason

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“I know the difference.”

Stiles: “You know, you’re standing there with a wrench in your hand, you’re looking at me like I just bashed you in the head with it. You know, like I’d broken your sacred rule and that’s it, there’s no going back.”

Scott: “I know the difference.”

Stiles: “What?”

Scott: “I know what self-defense is.”

“I don’t know why we didn’t just keep talking that night. Five more minutes and we would’ve figured out that there were two different stories. We would’ve filled a lot of blanks.”

– Scott to Stiles about the night they “broke up”

“Yeah, but you won’t. You like me too much.”

Theo: “Let’s be honest, he’s probably already dead. I wonder what’s gonna happen when Scott realizes that it’s your fault.”

Malia: “I should kill you.”

Theo: “Yeah, but you won’t. You like me too much.”

“You wield the sword. But The Fox wields you.”

– The Skinchanger to Kira

“Not if I’m dead. She’s not gonna be able to handle that at all. I can’t die again, Liam. Do you get it? It would ruin her.”

– Hayden about what her sister can handle

“I’m Kitsune of 900 years. You want her? You’ll have to go through me.”

– Noshiko protecting Kira from the Skinchangers

“You came back for me. I love you. I love you so much.”

– Kira to Scott

“We know what Theo’s doing. He’s looking for an Alpha. A blind Alpha.”

– Liam letting Scott know Theo is looking for Deucalion

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