Aria’s not being honest with Liam or the Liars, Emily is hiding some sort of illness and Spencer seems to be crushing hard on Caleb. No one can be trusted anymore and that includes Ezra. Pretty Little Liars is definitely trying to push our viewpoint so that fingers point at Ezra as the culprit for killing Charlotte. While it may be too cut and dry to give us the culprit so early, there’s definitely huge reason to suspect that Ezra could be guilty. Let’s take a look at four of the main reasons that Ezra could be responsible for killing Charlotte.

The Timeline

Hanna initially grew suspicious of Aria after Charlotte’s death. It would make sense to her on some level that Aria would want Charlotte dead — she was the only one who was vocal that she wouldn’t feel safe if she was released and admitted that she thought that even just her alone saying so would be enough to keep her locked up. Hanna’s suspicion became more validated when she found out that Charlotte died some time after 3am, the time she saw Aria leaving the hotel. However, we then found out that Aria was with Ezra that night. The two were walking around Rosewood when they saw Charlotte enter the church. Ezra quickly sent Aria back to her hotel, but we never saw where he went from there. Basically, Aria doesn’t fit the timeline for Charlotte’s death; Ezra does.

His Anger

Ezra is in the worst place of his life right now. After he wrote his first book, “Ostinato” for Aria’s publishing company, he went to South America with his girlfriend on a volunteer trip. While there, his girlfriend was taken away by radicals never to be seen again. Ezra is downing liquor bottle after bottle, furious and confused about why someone like her can have their life taken while people like Charlotte can get to walk free. This anger shows its face the night he sends Aria away after they both see Charlotte. No one has seen Ezra in such a dark place. Is he so low right now that he’s capable of murder?

Ezra Loves Aria

Ezra will always love Aria. Yes, he moved on for a while and had a happy relationship, but that was taken away from him. His anger boiling up that he was unable to save his girlfriend, added to the flame inside him that he always felt helpless when Aria was in trouble, PLUS the fact that he feels justice wasn’t served when Charlotte was freed? All of that adds up to one dangerous Ezra. Each of those things alone may not be enough to suspect him of killing Charlotte, but the added factor of love is a dangerous thing.

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