Big Brother 19‘s new twist, the Den of Temptation, is infuriatingly vague. While viewers can vote online for one HG to be offered a Temptation, we weren’t officially informed ahead of time what all of the Temptations would be or how many there are. And we also have no idea what the potential consequences or curses are.

And as we head into the third week of the show, the Den of Temptation twist seems to be taking another weird turn and it may not even show up this week. On the website, CBS claims that the voting period for the third Temptation ends Wednesday, July 19. With that delay, we definitely know that the Den will not be making an appearance in the Sunday episode, as it has for the first two weeks of the show.

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This timing is very confusing, for viewers and the HGs. How will they react when they don’t have to enter the Den of Temptation at the regular time? Will they be informed about the delay?

The third Temptation offer is the Halting Hex, which would give the HG the power to cancel one of the next four live evictions. Presumably the person who gets the most votes will receive it on Wednesday, July 19, so CBS will have to reveal who got it in the Thursday episode of that week since that will be the first live eviction where it can be used.

The additional confusion comes from the fact that, on Friday, July 21, CBS has scheduled an extra episode of Big Brother 19. Perhaps the Den of Temptation will be saved for that episode and the speculation is that accepting the offer may release the Battle Back or some other twist for one of the first three or four evicted HGs to re-enter the game.

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Whatever happens, the lack of consistency and transparency in this twist is maddening. When the Care Packages were introduced last season, the show told us exactly how many there were and what each one was, and the voting periods for each one were the same. But this season, the Den of Temptation is all over the place and a total mystery. Will it extend beyond this third vote or will it disappear like the Takeovers from season 17?

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