The Den of Temptation proved to be a crucial new twist for Paul in the first week of Big Brother 19 when he used his Pendant of Protection to avoid being backdoored. But with the one returning player out of the equation, who received the second offer in the Den and did they accept it?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Christmas won the vote and was offered the Ring of Replacement. She accepted it. As a result, she also got to pick three people to be cursed and chose Cody, Jessica and Jason. The curse is that they have to wear frog costumes for the rest of the week and hop everywhere they go. There are also lily pads in every room and they have to stand on them at all times.

The premise is that the three of them are Ve-toads, which makes the curse tangentially related to the Veto power of the Temptation.

bb19vetoads.jpgShe initially kept it to herself, not revealing it to most of her allies, but she did tell Paul. The Ring of Replacement allows her to swap places with any of the three people chosen at random to play in a Power of Veto competition. While her injury may make her ineligible to play, this power could be huge, especially this week.

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The plan is to backdoor Cody and the only thing that could ruin the plan is if Cody gets picked to play in the PoV competition. But with this Ring, if Cody (or Jessica) gets picked, Christmas can replace them. This essentially guarantees that this week Cody will NOT play in the Power of Veto competition and will have no shot at saving himself.

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