In this episode of So You Think You Can Dance, the season 14 auditions roll on in the Big Apple. New York has a well-earned reputation of showcasing all types of dance —  from ballroom to popping and everything in between. I love how many different types of dance are represented.

This is the last stop before the Academy, so the dancers are under immense pressure to grab a spot in the next round. Who will be awarded a ticket to the So You Think You Can Dance callbacks and who will get a ticket home? Let’s find out.

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On to the Academy

Magda Fialek, who is 26 years old, is originally from Poland. Her partner is 25-year-old Kiki Nyemchek, from Teaneck, New Jersey. As always, Nigel gets to the bottom of their feelings for each other, but this duo isn’t interested in romance. They electrify the stage with their cha-cha. They easily win a place in the Academy. Mary comments that she would like to dance a Paso Doble with Kiki. Cue the hot tamale train!

Other ballroom dancers Claudia and Jorge, Jaryd Farcon, and Allen Genkin also win spots in the next round. 

Zachary Downer, who auditioned in season 12, made it to the Green Mile but was eliminated. This 20-year-old dances a raw and animalistic contemporary piece. All three judges take to their feet, and Mary puts him on the hot tamale train. Vanessa praises the shapes that Zachary makes. Nigel loves the combination of West African moves and contemporary dance. 

Arielle Disciascio is a 19-year-old Floridian, and she has been dancing since the age of 4. She has a close relationship with her mother, who is a breast cancer survivor. Her contemporary performance is a hit with the judges. Mary raves about Arielle’s control, and Nigel loves the look of her performance. Mary wants her to go to the Academy, but Nigel wants her to try choreography. Vanessa breaks the tie and sends her to the next round.

Claire Rathbun, from Syracuse, New York, is a ballet dancer with lots of personality. Vanessa thinks that Claire is a “beautiful dancer” and is looking forward to seeing what she will do next. Mary loves her grace and charisma. 

Some dancers who had previously auditioned hit the stage to give it another try this season. Chris Andrews went to the Green Mile in season 12. Chase “CTUT” Lindsey auditioned in season 11. Jason Kidd, who is 23 years old, almost made it to the Green Mile in season 12. All three grab a ticket to the Academy.

Lex Ishimoto is 18 years old and lives in Irvine, California. He started dancing at the age of 7. He is a hip-hop dancer but also tries to mix it up with other styles like lyrical and tap. Lex is performing an improvisational number. He gets a standing ovation for his innovative routine. Nigel tells him that he is “going to be a star.” Lex is currently dancing with Travis Wall’s “Shaping Sound” company, and Nigel and Vanessa are impressed with several moves that they have never seen before. Mary puts him on the hot tamale train after he demonstrates his double leg swipe again. I know it is incredibly early, but Lex may be my pick for winning the whole season!

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One Last Chance (Choreography)

Ramita Ravi, who is 22 years old, is from Murrayville, Pennsylvania. Ravi’s routine blends contemporary and classical Indian dance. Nigel likes the performance, and both Vanessa and Mary praise Ramita’s hand movements.

Romainson Romain is 29 years old, and this is his last chance to compete on So You Think You Can Dance because of the age requirement. He also tried out for the show two years ago. Romainson’s cousin, Marvin, passed away last year in a work accident. Marvin drove Romainson to that audition, and Romainson dedicates this dance to his cousin. Vanessa feels like the dancer is being weighed down by life experiences, and Nigel also comments on the sadness that he sees. An emotional Mary wants Romainson to live life and let go of his grief. All three judges want him to do choreography.

After they learn the routine choregraphed by Mandy Moore, Romainson Romain moves on to the Academy, along with Ramita Ravi. 

Try Again Next Time

Peter Mangione, who is 20 years old, has only been dancing for six months. He has no shortage of confidence, and his routine is comprised mostly of gymnastic moves. Mary calls him “sexy,” and Nigel praises his effort to come and try out for the show. Sadly, Peter is sent home. 

Marc “FULLOUT” Royale, from Queens, New York, dances with lots of enthusiasm and energy, but he lacks the technique to continue in the competition.

That makes a total of 100 dancers who are going to compete in the Academy. I cannot wait!

What did you think about Ramita’s dance style? Who do you think gave the best performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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