Following a crazy first week on Big Brother 19, things might be a bit simpler in week 2. The house seems unified in a single target, but anything can happen and, as Cody learned, plans don’t always work out.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Paul is the new HoH.

He nominated Alex and Josh.

Ramses used his week 1 Curse and nominated himself.

Paul’s plan is to backdoor Cody. He originally wanted to put Matt and Raven on the block as pawns, but the big group of Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, Dominique and Christmas shot that down. Paul then approached both Alex and Josh, asking them to be pawns, and they both agreed. Interestingly, Paul promised both of them that if he wins the Power of Veto, he will save them.

After the nominations, Paul as well as Elena, Mark and others, talked to Ramses about how he needs to throw the PoV because if he wins it and saves himself, there is no replacement nominee. Ramses is understandably upset over the idea of having to stay on the block. Ramses seems very unsure and may want to go for it anyway.

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As of now, the house definitely seems unified in targeting Cody. He and Jessica have isolated themselves following their fall from grace, getting into fights and becoming social pariahs. In addition, we know that Christmas won the second Den of Temptation offer and accepted the Ring of Replacement, which means that if Cody or Jessica get picked to play for the Power of Veto, she can take their spot.

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The other big development is that Kevin is playing a lot of different angles. He’s solid with Paul, but he also told Alex and Jason everything Paul said. It seems that Kevin really doesn’t like the showmances and wants to work with the outsiders, but he’s also helping to throw Ramses under the bus.

Kevin has claimed to Alex and Jason that he voted to evict Christmas (which he didn’t), so now Alex and Jason think Ramses flipped. They call him a rat and so does Paul, who thinks Ramses is scurrying around and making deals with everyone. At this point, Elena actually seems to be the one person in the house who actually likes and trusts Ramses the most.


Alex joins a very short list of HGs who have been nominated in weeks 1 and 2. The first person it happened to was Elissa Slater on season 15 and then, because of the Battle of the Block, it happened to Brittany Martinez, Paola Shea, John McGuire and Steve Moses in seasons 16 and 17. Last year, Paul found himself on the block in both of the first two weeks, but the first time it was as the Roadkill’s nominee and not by the HoH. And on Big Brother: Over the Top, Danielle Lickey was put on the block by the first two HoHs. In general, it seems that being on the block in both weeks 1 and 2 is great for the men, but not so much for the women.

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