In the first week of Big Brother 19, the Power of Veto was crucial. Cody threw it to Alex, she saved herself and then a series of unfortunate events created all of the chaos. Will the week 2 PoV be equally important or will it help to calm things down?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Paul is the new HoH. He nominated Alex and Josh while Ramses put himself on the block as a third nominee because of his random Curse from week 1. Matt and Elena were also picked to play.

Paul won the Power of Veto.

Well, despite having the Pendant of Production, Paul has decided to dominate the competitions. His plan is to backdoor Cody and he has told multiple people that he wants to save Alex, but he also promised Josh he’d save him, so now Paul will have to choose. He seems to have settled on saving Josh, and Alex is OK with this.

And Paul is very mad at Ramses because it sounds like he didn’t throw it, which is just making Ramses and even bigger target as no one really trusted him before this. Basically, Ramses, Jessica and Jason are being set up as the next three targets.

The irony is that Paul is now doing exactly what Paulie did last year. Paulie won both HoH and PoV in week 2 and backdoored Victor. Will Paul suffer through the same trajectory as Paulie?

From descriptions, the competition took place one at a time and the HGs had to go through different rooms and answer questions or solve problems, so it sounds kind of like the MacGyver PoV from last year, but more elaborate and with quizzes.

Paul also won an HoH and PoV in the same week last year, making him one of only three HGs to do this in two different seasons (Janelle Pierzina and Jeff Schroder are the others).

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In addition, the Have-Nots for the week are Matt and the three HGs who were cursed to wear toad costumes because of the Den of Temptation: Jason, Cody and Jessica. Jason took the Have-Not Temptation and picked the wrong key, so he will also be a Have-Not next week.


The person who wins the second PoV has never won the game. Three of them made it to second place (Danielle Reyes in season 3, Erika Landin in season 7 and Daniele Donato in season 8), but those are the only week 2 PoV winners to reach the Final 3.

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