If you only watch the TV episodes of Big Brother 19, you might not think Christmas’ injury is a big deal. She was playing around with Jason, fell and got a cast and crutches for her torn ligaments. But the live feeds tell a different story and this week, things are getting more serious.

Christmas broke two bones in her foot and on Monday night, she told the entire house that she’s leaving on Wednesday to have surgery. Prior to this she did reveal to Paul and Dominique that she was going to have surgery, but this was the first time the whole house found out about it.

Based on what she’s said on the live feeds, Christmas will leave the house once again on Wednesday morning for a surgery that will last 4-6 hours, having pins placed in her foot. She will stay in the hospital overnight and return to the house and the game on Thursday before the live eviction.

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Clearly she will not be allowed to participate in some of the competitions, especially if they involve any type of physical activity. But this prolonged medical issue certainly seems unusual. If Christmas just left the house once or twice to get a quick check-up or a cast, that would be one thing. But having actual surgery and then returning to the game?

At the very least, I hope that CBS will address this issue and offer an explanation on Thursday’s live show. This is definitely the most severe injury that has ever occurred in the Big Brother house and her continued presence in the game seems questionable at best. How long will she be there and is recovering from surgery inside the house really the best idea.

Only time will tell if Christmas can stay in the game for as long as she’s not evicted or, if at some point, she will be removed due to her ongoing injury. And this could add some drama to Thursday’s live show because, depending on how Christmas is doing after the surgery, I would assume that there’s a possibility that her doctors and surgeons may not clear her to return.

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Last week I posted a poll asking whether you think she should stay in the game or be pulled out. With over 3,000 responses, it was a very close call with 52 percent of people thinking she should be removed from the game while 48 percent thought she should be allowed to stay. This is certainly a divisive issue, and it will be interesting to see what the saga looks like if/when she returns to the house after her surgery.

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