The third and final Den of Temptation offer has yet to happen on Big Brother 19, but after a very long voting period, someone will be given the opportunity to accept the Halting Hex this week. Who will get it and could it change what happens this week?

The Halting Hex gives one HG to ability to cancel one of the next four evictions, meaning no one will go home. The voting closes Wednesday morning and, presumably, the Den of Temptation will open inside the house Wednesday night and it will be shown on Thursday’s episode, making this week the first of the four evictions at which it can be used. The speculation is also that accepting this Temptation may release the Battle Back into the game.

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So who’s in the lead? To determine that you have to look at three factors: the voting window, the episodes and the live feed fan community. Voting started Sunday, July 9 and closes Wednesday, July 19, which means there are almost 10 days of voting. It started the night that Paul won HoH and nominated Alex and Josh.

The frontrunner has to be Alex, who has been front and center all season in the episodes. She was on the block in week 2 and just won HoH in week 3, so she’s been a huge part of the TV show and fans are familiar with her. They also seem to really like her.

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Kevin is also a potential winner based entirely on personality. He’s had a few good moments on the TV show, but he seems to be the most universally beloved HG by the fans.

There is also a late surge for this week’s nominees, Jessica and Dominique. While Dominique was largely invisible for the first half of this voting window, she’s been a huge target this week and some fans who want to see the game turn interesting may want to try to save her.

As for Jessica, she was initially a villain due to her relationship with Cody, but she did get a lot of screentime and has become a much more sympathetic figure since he left. Being on the block and a potential future target has rallied a large percentage of the fan community to her side in recent days.

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I would be truly shocked if anyone besides those four won this third Temptation offer, and I don’t think Dominique has enough fans to do it, so there are really only three options.

If it goes to Alex or Kevin, it may not be used since they are unlikely to be targets within the next four weeks. But they are two of Paul’s most loyal allies, so it could be used to save Paul if the house ever decides to flip on him. At the very least, I think both Alex and Kevin would tell Paul about winning it and it would only make them think that working with Paul is why they got it, thus making their bond even stronger.

But if Jessica pulls out a surprise win, it could be interesting. She’s on the block this week and even though the house is targeting Dominique, Jessica would have to decide whether to save the Halting Hex for the future or use it right away and stop this week’s eviction. If that happens, the house would fall into chaos as Dominique would still be in the game and we’d presumably still get a Battle Back, just between Cameron, Jillian and Cody.

Who do you think will get the Halting Hex and when, if ever, will it be used? Big Brother 19 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c, Thursdays at 9/8c and Sundays at 8/7c on CBS. There’s also a special Battle Back episode Friday, July 21 at 8/7c.

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