On Thursday’s live eviction show of Big Brother 19, Julie Chen confirmed what has been long suspected: the Battle Back is back. On Friday, July 21 we will get a special episode where Cameron, Jillian, Cody and the next evicted HG will take part in a Battle Back showdown to decide who will return to the game.

Julie did specify that the HGs still in the game will have the opportunity to stop the Battle Back, but that seems very unlikely. The common wisdom is that the Battle Back will be the curse unleashed if the third and final Den of Temptation offer is accepted, which it obviously will be since the Halting Hex is a huge power that gives someone the ability to cancel one of the next four evictions.

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So even though we don’t know who will be evicted this week (early talk suggests that Dominique is in real danger, with Jessica and maybe Christmas or Mark as alternatives), we do know three of the competitors. But which one do we want to see come back into the house?

Cody: Obviously he’s the biggest and most well-known personality, someone who can win competitions and isn’t afraid to make big moves. Seeing him come back would cause plenty of drama and probably create the most interesting game.

There’s the added bonus of this year potentially mirroring last season. When Victor won the Battle Back, he initially worked with the nemesis who backdoored him (Paulie), but eventually it was Victor who got his revenge and took Paulie out. Since Cody has said he would want to work with Paul if he returns, history could easily repeat itself with Cody as the new Victor and Paul as the new Paulie.

Jillian: Um, let’s be honest, no one wants her to come back. She was a non-entity in the game. But to play Devil’s advocate, Jillian’s two best friends in the house were Alex and Ramses, so if she returned perhaps she could serve as a bridge between those two and help make Alex trust Ramses, thus creating a stronger underdog alliance.

Cameron: This would be the biggest wild card. Cameron was evicted on the first night and has no relationships in the house and no idea what the heck is going on. It would be hilarious to see him come back and try to piece together all of the massive game drama that he missed, from Megan leaving to Cody’s failed attempt to backdoor Paul to Christmas breaking her foot.

He would be a total blank slate and it would almost be like a brand-new HG entering the game after a month. His return would also provide some type of justice for Jodi and Glenn, the two other HGs who were unfairly evicted right away.

So which of them do you want to return, or are you hoping that whoever goes home this week will win it and walk right back in?

The Big Brother 19 Battle Back episode airs Friday, July 21 at 8/7c on CBS.

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