Big Brother 19 is starting strong with the endurance competitions. For the third HoH, we have the Wall, a classic competition where the HGs stand on tilting platforms and must stay on as long as possible.

On the live eviction show, Cody was sent home 7-3-0, with Jessica, Kevin and Christmas (from the hospital) voting to evict Ramses. But with a Battle Back on the horizon next week, whoever gets evicted this week will have a chance to return.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Because she’s still in the hospital, Christmas can not compete for this HoH, but she will return to the game eventually. Julie tells everyone that Christmas wouldn’t have been medically cleared to play in this comp even if she was there.

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This is a live blog for the week 3 HoH competition. As always, all times are Big Brother 19 local time, aka PT.

6:53pm: The competition begins on the show and the wall leans down. Ramses screams that this is not lit.

7pm: As the TV show ends, they are sprayed with cold water.

7:02pm: The feeds are live.

7:04pm: They are talking about how cold it is. Alex says her feet hurt.

7:08pm: The wall lifts after being leaned down for a while. Mark already seems to be struggling.

7:11pm: They get sprayed with steam and water.

7:12pm: Josh is OUT!

7:20pm: Mark is OUT! They got slimed.

7:22pm: On the sidelines, Paul is asking Josh and Mark who they think the two extra votes to evict Ramses were. Josh totally trusts Kevin but doesn’t trust Matt. Paul thinks Christmas could’ve done it since she talked to Cody before leaving for surgery.

7:28pm: It sounds like Mark thinks Kevin was one of the hinky votes, but Paul is trying to convince him that he’s wrong (which he’s not).

7:30pm: Mark seems to know that Kevin and Christmas were the other two votes, but Paul is working hard to convince him that Kevin is innocent and Jason is guilty.

7:33pm: More cold water.

7:38pm: Raven is OUT!

7:43pm: Raven is air-drying the stitches on her foot, which she wasn’t supposed to get wet. She may be bleeding a bit.

7:46pm: More steam and cold water. Mark on the sidelines is making comments about Elena’s wetness being attractive.

7:47pm: Jason, Alex, Kevin and Elena are doing most of the talking. Ramses, Jessica, Matt and Dominique are largely silent.

7:51pm: The get slimed again.

7:53pm: Elena and Ramses are leaned over and struggling. The sideline group says Ramses is done.

7:54om; Ramses is OUT! It’s just over an hour.

7:55pm: Kevin is OUT!

7:56pm: Jason is using the crouching position.

7:58pm: They get slimed and showered with water.

8:06pm: Matt is OUT! It’s now Jason and four women: Alex, Jessica, Elena and Dominique.

8:08pm: Paul immediately goes to Matt and starts talking about the vote, throwing Jason under the bus.

8:10pm: The wall tilts down and there’s water.

8:12pm: Alex, Elena and Jason are all using the crouching technique. Jessica and Dominique follow suit.

8:14pm: The wall leans, there’s water and slime. It’s getting hard.

8:18pm: Jessica and Dominique are OUT!

8:19pm: It’s down to Elena, Jason and Alex.

8:23pm: An hour and a half in and we have our Final 3. Elena says she can do this all night. Jason is stretching his legs a lot and looks very uncomfortable.

8:25pm: They get slimed, the wall leans and there’s water.

8:29pm: Jason is OUT! He made a deal with Elena for safety.

8:30pm: Elena is OUT!

Alex is the new HoH!

Alex promised not to nominate Elena and to keep “her people” safe, but this is definitely interesting. Alex is an outsider. Will she do what Paul and the house want and nominate Ramses and Jessica, or will she do what she’s been saying and make a big move against the showmances?

After the feeds returned following the competition, Alex was by herself in the storage room and said she was going to make a huge move. This week just got fun.

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