If you don’t think that Paul is running the game on Big Brother 19, then you must be one of the HGs inside the house because they’re the only ones who can’t see it. This week there’s a new HoH and the house gets flipped, all of which has to do with the fact that these newbies are blindly trusting Paul. If they keep giving him all of the information, they can’t be surprised when he uses it to turn the house against them. That’s a lesson Dominique the Dominator learns the hard way.

The HoH Competition

The Wall is always a fun competition as the HGs complain about being wet and cold and sore while they get pelted with green alien slime. Josh and Mark are the first ones out in the first 30 minutes, followed by Raven, Ramses and Kevin at about one hour. Then Matt, Jessica and Dominique fall, leaving Alex, Jason and Elena.

Jason falls and Elena makes a deal with Alex. Elena wants to protect herself and all of the people she wants to save, but no specific names are mentioned. Alex agrees and Elena falls. Alex is the new HoH!

Elena hopes Alex will take out Jessica while Jason and Jessica hope Alex will take a shot at the powerful side of the house. Alex’s main concern is not making enemies and she has a secret alliance with Paul.

Alex and Paul’s Plan

Jessica pleads to Jason and explains that she wants revenge against the people who betrayed her and she wants to align all of the outsiders against the big powerful alliance of Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Dominique, Christmas and Paul. Jason is totally on board with this and wants to take a shot at Matt and Dominique.

Alex meets with Kevin and Jason and explains that she’s putting Jessica on the block next to someone else, making Jason furious. Alex’s plan is to make “the collective” trust her because she can’t upset the house, although she wants to try to convince the big group that they have a rat in order to get them to turn on themselves.

Paul goes to Alex and tells her that Cody told him that Mark and Dominique knew that he was Cody’s target. Paul then tells Mark and Dominique about it to make them paranoid. He’s just creating chaos to set Mark and Dominique as targets.

Elena meets with Alex to say that she wants to protect Mark, Matt, Raven, Dominique and Paul, which is why too many people. But Paul wants to target Dominique and Alex agrees.

Filler Segments

We get a whole segment about how Kevin is like a dad to Ramses, taking him under his wing. It’s extremely cute and fun, although it doesn’t make a lot of sense since, on the live feeds, Kevin is using Ramses as his permanent scapegoat for flipping on Jillian and taking the $25,000.

Then we learn about Raven’s stomach disease and her visible pacemaker that she calls her second heart. She spent a lot of time in the hospital and now she’s just happy to be alive.

Christmas Returns

After being gone from the house for a very eventful two days, Christmas returns to the game following her foot surgery. But things take a very serious turn when she reveals that the damage was more severe than the doctors first thought. She has 10 broken bones and will have permanent damage as a result, essentially ending her career as a Crossfit athlete.

The Nominations

Before nominations, Dominique talks to Alex and says that she senses that something isn’t right. Dominique speaks in code without mentioning names, but Alex correctly assumes that Dominique is saying that Elena is jealous of her friendship with Mark and is trying to target her because of it. This backfires because Dominique’s disloyalty to her group makes it easy for Alex to target her.

Alex nominates Dominique and Jessica. Paul gets exactly what he wants and his plan to make Dominique paranoid worked beautifully because she sank her own game.

Dominique feels betrayed and thinks there were other people behind Alex’s decision. Meanwhile, Paul and Alex are happy and Alex basically tells us that she wants to go to the end with Paul.

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