Ramses has become the permanent scapegoat on Big Brother 19. Though he has yet to have a big presence on the TV show (which is about to change since he used his curse and put himself on the block), on the live feeds he’s become a regular fixture, and not in a good way.

Ramses has become a major target for most of the house, and while he’s definitely done a few sketchy things, most of the reasons are simply lies. He was blamed for flipping against Jillian and voting to evict her in week 1 (that was Kevin) and the house seems to have concluded that Ramses won the $25,000 on the first night (again, that was Kevin).

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Paul is definitely the ringleader in trying to frame Ramses. Even though he knows Ramses didn’t flip against Jillian and Kevin even told Paul that he was the one who won the money, Paul takes every opportunity to blame Ramses for these actions. The majority of the house (Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Dominique, Christmas and even Josh) all seem content to put Jessica and Ramses on the block if they win the next HoH.

But things may have started to turn around for Ramses on Tuesday night. He had a conversation with Alex and Jason where he seemed to convince them that he didn’t flip on Jillian, it was Kevin. Ramses offered a fairly accurate picture of the house, telling them that Kevin and Josh are obviously trying to work with the big alliance in the house (Paul and his groupies), and that they need to stick together and take a shot at them.

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Alex is concerned because she doesn’t have the numbers, but Ramses tried to convince her that taking him out isn’t going to help get them any numbers. The common wisdom in the house right now is to go along with whatever the majority wants until you get to jury, then hope that the big alliance starts to break up and turn on each other.

Ramses doesn’t want that because he knows he’s a big target for the house right now. And history has told us that If you wait too long to make a move, then you become Nicole and Donny on season 16.

Going into week 3, Ramses is going to need to win HoH, or hope that Alex or Jason win it (and maybe Jessica or Kevin). But if any of the other seven HGs win the next HoH, Ramses is probably going on the block next to Jessica and could easily be the next person evicted.

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