The first live eviction of Big Brother 19 was a close one with a divided house and a big blindside. But week 2 looks far simpler, with Paul’s plan to backdoor Cody in full effect. But will it be that easy?
The short answer is “Yes.” With Cody, Alex and Ramses on the block, Cody will be evicted and he hasn’t even put up a campaign. His only focus this week has been trying to make sure Jessica isn’t the next one out and hoping for a Battle Back so he can win a competition to return.

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Obviously Jessica won’t vote to evict Cody (she’ll probably vote out Ramses), but that doesn’t mean it will be a 9-1-0 vote. Instead, Paul has repeatedly talked to Kevin, telling him to throw an extra vote against Ramses to cause confusion. Kevin seems on board, so it seems like Cody will be evicted 8-2-0 or maybe 8-1-1 if Jessica decides to evict Alex.

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Paul’s plan seems to be to frame Jason for this extra vote as he’s spent most of this week setting up Jason as one of the next big targets. Paul has talked a lot about how Jason is talking to Cody and not shunning him, casting doubts on Jason’s willingness to play ball with the big alliance.

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The problem for Paul is that, on Tuesday night, Ramses spoke to Alex and Jason at length about how he didn’t flip against Jillian in week 1, it was Kevin. He appeared to get through to them and, if Kevin goes through with Paul’s plan to vote to evict Ramses, it may make Alex and Jason realize that Ramses was telling them the truth. It doesn’t help that Kevin actually told Ramses that he might get some votes against him, raising even more red flags with Kevin.

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Whatever happens with the vote, it seems clear that if Christmas, Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, Dominique or Josh win HoH, there’s a good chance that Ramses and Jessica will end up on the block next week, with Jason as the potential replacement nominee. But if Ramses, Alex, Jason or even Kevin or Jessica win HoH, anything is possible.

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