Big Brother 19 is cursed. There’s no other explanation for the never-ending parade of maladies that strike this cast. First Christmas broken her foot and, while she was out of the house getting surgery on Wednesday afternoon, another HG suffered a foot injury.

At around 3:17pm PT, Raven fell down the spiral staircase that leads up to the HoH room. It wasn’t seen on the live feeds, but you could hear her falling and yelling. She said she hit her head, elbow and foot after slipping because of her socks. When the other HGs helped her and removed her socks, they saw that she was bleeding.

Christmas Leaves the House for Surgery>>>

After a quick trip to the diary room, Raven returned to reveal that she will need stitches for her foot, but won’t have to leave the premises to get it done and she seems relatively fine. This comes at about the exact same time that Christmas was slated to start her surgery, having pins placed in her foot to deal with two broken bones. Christmas left the house Wednesday morning, but will return on Thursday before the live show.

Between Christmas and Raven, all of the other HGs should take care of their feet, because this is turning into an epidemic.

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