Paul’s plan as HoH on Big Brother 19 is simple. He nominated two pawns and wants to backdoor Cody. However, there’s one thing that can screw it all up: Ramses winning the Power of Veto. While that doesn’t happen, it’s very close and that alone causes a lot of drama for the nerdy cosplayer.

Ramses Has to Throw It

After the nominations, everyone celebrates while Cody stews because he knows the plan is to backdoor him. Jessica makes out with him as a consolation and vows to stand by him until the end. Paul immediately pulls Ramses into a room with a bunch of other people and tells him he needs to throw the PoV competition. Ramses agrees because he’s backed into a corner, but he wants to win it anyway.

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Later, Paul expresses his concerns over Ramses to his allies and asks Kevin to check up on him. Ramses tells Kevin that he’s true to his word and he’s OK with throwing the PoV.

The VeToads

The curse from the Den of Temptation is revealed. Christmas chose Jason, Jessica and Cody and they must dress up as toads and hop everywhere for the week, always standing on a lily pad in each room. Everyone laughs, but Cody doesn’t care and it’s just silly. It also makes the emotional scenes between Cody and Jessica truly absurd.

The Power of Veto Competition

Matt and Elena are picked to play along with Paul, Ramses, Alex and Josh. Right before the competition, Paul tries once again to force Ramses to throw it. He says that he promised his mom he would never throw a comp.

The competition takes place one at a time and the HGs must complete a series of five quizzes in the fastest time. If they get one wrong, they face a delay and must do another challenge before proceeding. There’s a math puzzle, a maze, hitting blocks, eating disgusting food and looking through a lake.

Paul gets the first three delays, but answers the last two questions correctly. After seeing his entire run, we get a montage of Elena, Josh, Alex and Matt screwing up. I think Alex gets one question correct, but everyone else gets all of the delays. Ramses is last and only gets one correct answer, but he speeds through the delays.

Josh: 7:48
Ramses: 7:44
Elena: 22:35
Matt: 11:32
Alex: 16:38
Paul: 4:37

Paul wins the Power of Veto!

Ramses claims in the diary room that he intended to throw it (even though his DRs during it suggested that he was trying to win), but obviously getting the second-fastest time makes him look suspicious like he didn’t.

Everybody Hates Ramses

Ramses knows he’s screwed and tries to do damage control by claiming that he actually did throw it. Matt and Mark join Paul in the HoH and they all trash Ramses, saying that they never trusted him and he’s dead to them. Ramses comes up and tries to say he wanted to throw it, but they don’t believe him.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

At the ceremony, Paul gives the nominees a chance to speak. Alex says that if he doesn’t use it on her, he can bite her. Josh uses it to yell at Cody and calls him a meatball and a loser He keeps going and even his allies tell him to stop.

Paul uses the Power of Veto to save Josh. He nominates Cody.

Cody simply says “Respect” while Josh and Paul gloat. Cody tells us that he and Paul are the only alphas and the others are all betas.

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