Just like season 13, the All-Stars get to choose the Top 10 dancers to perform live in season 14 of So You Think You Can Dance. Before they get to the Top 10, the All-Stars narrow down the group of 100 dancers to 40, teams of four for each of the 10 All-Stars. But which All-Star has the best chance of having a winner?

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The All-Stars

The 10 All-Stars are from various dance styles and from various seasons. In the contemporary category, the All-Stars are Jasmine, Allison and Robert. In the hip-hop style are Fik-Shun and Comfort. Under tap is Gaby, while the animation All-Star is Cyrus. Rounding out the group in jazz and ballroom are Paul, Jenna and Marko.

Not That Strong

The runner-up in season 13 was All-Star Robert and J.T. And while J.T. changed a lot throughout the season working with Robert, I just can’t see Robert getting to the top again. Not to mention that no one has picked him as their mentor yet.

I don’t think Gaby has a strong team either. So far, she has Lex and Evan, and neither are tap dancers. While she made it to the fourth runner-up in season 13, I just can’t see her team getting to the top four again.

Who Could Win?

The All-Star that produced the winner, Kida, in season 13 was Fik-Shun, and I honestly think he could possibly bring out the best in the next winner. So far, on his team are Dassy and Kyle. Dassy shows a lot of potential. She moved to America for dance, and since then has dedicated her life to dance. I feel she could adapt to any style, and will be able to take advice and criticism and apply it to her performances.

Allison stands out as a possible winner. She has Kevin and Logan on her team. Kevin is a pretty impressive dancer, so I could see him going far, if he is the one Allison picks for the Top 10.

I think that Cyrus will have a strong team too. So far he has Kaylee, who has consistently performed well during the auditions, solos and hip-hop.

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Wait and See

It’s hard to tell right now, as not all of the All-Stars have their team fully formed. Though, in the end, I think either Fik-Shun or Cyrus will get their Top 10 dancer to the top three. They both take their time in picking their team, and they are both good, fun mentors.

But what do you think? Which All-Star has the strongest team? Which contestants seem promising so far? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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