So far on Big Brother 19, Alex, Paul and Jason have won the Power of Veto, consolidating the power in one group. Did someone new win the PoV this week and will it change what is going to happen?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Jessica is HoH and she nominated Josh and Ramses.

Christmas, Jason and Cody were picked to play.

Jessica won the Power of Veto!

Christmas was able to play, but Jessica thinks that both she and Cody threw it. It looks like it was the competition where they were shown a series of colors to memorize and had to pick a color based on a question about what they saw.

Jessica’s target is Josh and, while people have told her that they’re going to evict him, there’s a secret plan to take out Ramses instead. Paul, Christmas, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matt and Raven are all in on it, but Mark and Elena have been kept in the dark.

If Jessica starts to suspect that something is off, or if she’s smart, she’ll use the Power of Veto on Ramses and put up a better pawn to ensure that Josh goes home. Otherwise, it’s going to be a repeat of week 1 when Jessica and Cody have a target, but the house flips against them.

In the immediate aftermath of the PoV, it seems like Jessica isn’t going to use it, foolishly believing that the house will support her. However, Paul and Raven are already celebrating that Jessica is too dumb to use it and they’re going to take out Ramses instead.


Mark has yet to play in any of the first four Power of Veto competitions. He joins a list of 15 other HGs who didn’t play in any of their first four PoVs since the field was narrowed down to just six players in season 5. Only four of those people extended the streak to not playing in their first five PoV comps.

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