Big Brother 19 is in its third week, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have no idea who Matt is. He’s one of the HGs this year, the hot guy with the salt and pepper hair, but beyond that, there’s not a whole lot.

It seems like every season, we get at least one purpose who is painfully boring and who doesn’t really make an impression, either on the TV show or the live feeds. On the show itself, we’ve really only seen that Matt is in a showmance with Raven, but that was one quick segment. He hasn’t won a competition or been on the block or been a major player in any strategy. He’s just there.

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And on the live feeds, it’s just as bad. For live feeders, Matt is best known as the guy in a blue shirt who always seems to be eating a bowl of cereal. He’ll flirt with Raven a little bit, but he just stays quiet, sits back and waits for the game to happen around him.

Hopefully Matt will provide some interesting content this season, but I’m not optimistic. He seems like a laidback dude who doesn’t seem that interested in the game or anything else. Maybe this is just a smart strategy, laying low and just coasting to the middle of the game and then he’ll start to win competitions or make big moves. But nothing about him suggests that he’s that kind of player.

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He’s a huge disappointed, in terms of both entertainment and gameplay. Of course we shouldn’t be surprised because that’s what happens when the show casts a generic, attractive guy who doesn’t’ have a big personality.

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