The game is about to change for everyone on Big Brother 19. Thursday’s episode features an eviction vote between Dominique and Jessica, but that’s hardly the top story. With the third and final Den of Temptation giving someone the power to cancel an eviction and a Battle Back on the way, the HGs have no idea what’s in store for the next week. There’s also a big, stupid fight.

Fights in the House

After the Veto ceremony, Dominique is still upset that she was betrayed while Paul continues to be a literal snake. Elena continues to wonder why she’s being blamed. She is innocent, but she’s also blind to Paul’s guilt. Meanwhile, Jessica tries to repair her game by reconnecting with Elena and Raven. But Raven still doesn’t trust Jessica at all.

Later, Mark and Josh make a friendly pool bet with the loser drinking pickle juice and hot sauce. Mark claims that Josh double-trapped on the 8-ball, which is a scratch. Everyone agrees with Mark. Josh denies it and insists that he won. Mark decides to have some fun and throws the disgusting drink in Josh’s face.

Josh returns with ketchup and mayo, squirting it on Mark. Mark thinks it’s all fun and games and tries to hug Josh, but Josh is taking this very seriously. This quickly escalates into a huge fight between the two men with a lot of yelling because Josh thinks his integrity has been challenged.

Josh is unhinged and ends up standing in the hot tub with the entire house around him while he calls people out about the game. He brings up the claim that Mark and Dominique were plotting against Paul in week 1. Josh keeps repeating that he has no respect for Mark and he keeps connecting the pool bet to the game.

Jessica takes the bait and brings up the fact that Josh promised her and Cody that he would vote to evict Christmas. Paul points out that Jessica is just putting a potential target on her back by getting involved instead of laying low.

The Den of Temptation

The final Den of Temptation offer is the Halting Hex, which gives someone the ability to cancel one of the next four live evictions. Jessica wins it and accepts the offer. This is interesting because she’s on the block, but not the target. Should she use it in case the vote flips or save it for later? The HGs learn that the curse this week will be unleashed on the entire house.

The Live Eviction

Jessica hopes they keep her because she has game left to play. Dominique does a little rhyme about her integrity. Dominique apologizes to anyone she wrongly accused. Jessica does NOT use the Halting Hex.

Josh votes to evict…Dominique
Kevin votes to evict…Dominique
Mark votes to evict…Dominique
Christmas votes to evict…Dominique
Jason votes to evict…Dominique
Raven votes to evict…Dominique
Matt votes to evict…Dominique
Elena votes to evict…Dominique
Paul votes to evict…Dominique
Ramses votes to evict…Dominique

Dominique is evicted 10-0!

Well, no one can be blamed for a hinky vote this week. Dominique is going to pray on whether or not she can be friends with Paul outside of the house. She says she’d be quiet if she got a second chance.

Battle Back Contestants

Julie Chen brings Cameron, Jillian, Cody and Dominique on stage to discuss their potential strategies if they go back in the house. Cameron thought Ramses would be out second. Cody and Jillian are very shocked to see Dominique because it means some crazy stuff must’ve happened. Cody says he’ll just listen to Jessica if he goes back.

Julie explains that the Battle Back will be different than last summer, but doesn’t reveal any details. Then she tells us that the person who wins it may enter the house and that the curse from the Den of Temptation will be revealed next Thursday. Hmm.

In the closing seconds, we see in the house that Paul knows Jessica has the Temptation and told Alex, Jason, Josh and Kevin.

The special Battle Back episode of Big Brother 19 airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS. Tune in to find out who will return to the game.

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