Snake is the new floater on Big Brother 19. In past seasons the go-to insult was a floater, but in the past two seasons, first with Nicole and now with Paul, being called a snake is the ultimate takedown. In this Power of Veto episode we get a huge confrontation between Dominique and the Paul Snake. Unfortunately for Dominique, she’s not a mongoose.
Dominique Talks to God

After the nomination ceremony, Dominique blankets like Audrey, isolating herself. Paul pretends to comfort her, but in the diary room he gloats about being the puppet master of the house. Dominique confides in Mark that Paul and Elena knew about this and betrayed her and Mark cries like a baby because she’s like a sister to him.

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Dominique speaks in tongues (or maybe Latin), praying to God and He tells her that Paul was behind it. She talks to Paul and he denies that he would ever betray her or be dishonest to her, all lies because he learned last season that Friendship and honesty doesn’t always work.

The Power of Veto Competition

Kevin, Jason and Christmas are picked to play, but Christmas is unable to compete because of her injury. Jessica picked Jason with HG’s Choice. Jason and Kevin want to win it and save Jessica so Raven can go on the block to ensure that Dominique gets evicted.

The HGs must go back and forth on a very shaky balance beam and hit a button 50 times. If they fall into the lava pit, their score goes back to zero. Also, if someone liufts a chalice they get a cash prize, but are out of the competition.

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Kevin is a total disaster and he decides to take the temptation, winning $27. Jason is in the lead followed by Alex for the entire time. Dominique and Jessica both fall after about 17 or 18 times, making this a total runaway between Jason and Alex.

Jason wins the Power of Veto.

Jessica plans on laying low and hoping that she’s not the target. Alex is worried that Jason might be irrational. Paul knows that he controls Alex and Alex controls Jason, so he gets to do whatever he wants.

Paul’s Master Plan

Paul wants Jason to use the Power of Veto on Jessica so Alex can put up Mark as a pawn to ensure he doesn’t campaign for Dominique. He tells Alex his plan, then goes to Jason and says that this is Alex’s plan. Paul is extremely smug this whole time, saying that Alex needs to convince Mark to agree to be a pawn.

Mark talks to Alex and Jason and they present the plan, but Mark does not feel safe as a pawn at all. Elena and Paul are also in the room.


Dominique talks to Jason and tells him that she was betrayed by her own alliance. She tells him that she knows who the snake is, but refuses to say a name. She speaks in vague, enigmatic riddles.

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Jason returns to the HoH room with Alex, Paul, Mark and Elena and tells them about Dominique’s unnamed snake theory. Then Dominique talks to Alex about the qualities of a snake and calls Paul a tempter.

Alex immediately goes to the HoH room to tell Paul that Dominique called him a snake. Paul calls her out for a house meeting and he keeps acting like a snake to mock her. In front of most of the house, she says that he has snake tendencies. She says she’s honest and God will prove her right. Paul says that God isn’t in the house. Basically, Dominique is 100 percent right about Paul, but she sounds kind of crazy and no one believes her because Paul is aggressive and turns it into a joke.

In the aftermath, Mark promises Alex and Jason that he will evict Dominique as long as they don’t put him on the block.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

At the Power of Veto ceremony, Paul decides to dress up like a snake, which means wearing a dress and some dumb face paint. Dominique insists that she was framed by her own team and calls out Paul as a snake who has minions working for him. She says that Paul and Elena were not loyal to her the way that she was loyal to them.

Jason decides not to use the Power of Veto. Paul basically admits that he really is a snake in the diary room while Dominique begs God to tempt her in the Den.

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