The recipient of the third and final Den of Temptation offer on Big Brother 19 was revealed Thursday night, and Jessica accepted the Halting Hex. It gives her the power to cancel an eviction vote for four weeks. Despite being on the block, Jessica wisely chose not to use it right away, giving her three more opportunities to stop an eviction.

But will she actually have to use it at all or could simply having it be enough to save her? At the end of Thursday’s episode, we saw Paul talking to Alex, Jason, Kevin and Josh about how he knows Jessica definitely won the Temptation. This could turn out to be the best thing for her game.

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Paul may suspect that Jessica has it, but he doesn’t know exactly what it is. If Jessica is smart, she will use the mystery surrounding her power to her benefit. If someone wins HoH, she can easily scare them into not targeting her because they know she has some type of power that could undo the move. Just look back to week 1 when Cody tried to target Paul, who won the first Den of Temptation offer. That backfired and made Cody a target who got backdoored the following week.

Jessica’s best move would be to use that incident to ensure that no one even considers putting her on the block. If they do, it could come back to bite them because she has a secret power. If played effectively, Jessica could easily survive the next three weeks without ever having to actually use the Halting Hex.

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It will also depend on what happens with the Battle Back. If Cody returns, Jessica could use the Halting Hex to protect both herself and her showmance, giving them all of the power in the game.

It wouldn’t make for great TV if Jessica never uses her Halting Hex, but the simple fact of having a special power could be enough to keep her safe and make sure that no one risks targeting her. This is a fantastic thing for her game, but for other people who were hoping she’d be a target ahead of them, it could make them the new top targets.

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