Paulie has been in complete control on Big Brother 18 for a long time. Even though he wasn’t originally in the 8Pack, he’s dominated competitions and controlled almost every single HoH since his own in weeks 2 and 4. However, could there finally be hope that his control of the game is slipping away?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Paulie won the Power of Veto and didn’t use it, so Michelle and Zakiyah are still on the block.

Paulie is pushing hard for Michelle to be evicted, but she’s slowly been blowing up his game, talking to people like Paul, Bridgette, James and Natalie about how Paulie is controlling the house and everyone is just handing him half a million dollars by doing what he wants.

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But with James’ Care Package power to cancel two votes, they only need three people to keep Michelle. And Natalie has been pushing hard to do just that. She’s definitely playing the game, seeing everything, and she wants to make a move. She’s spent a lot of time talking to James and Bridgette about why they need to take a shot at Paulie (via Zakiyah) right now.

At first it didn’t quite work as James was scared to go against the house and potentially make enemies. But then, very late Tuesday/early Wednesday, Paul was brought into the fold. Along with Natalie, Michelle, Bridgette and James, they all shared information on Paulie and how he’s turning them against each other.

Paul seemed particularly “pissed,” even exposing the all-guy Executives alliance to the girls. By the time everyone went to bed, it definitely seemed like a house flip was in order, with James, Natalie, Bridgette and Paul all wanting to keep Michelle. The plan is for one of those five to win the HoH during the double eviction and nominate Nicole and Corey, with an option to backdoor Paulie.

Now there’s still plenty of time for this to fall apart. James and Paul probably won’t be able to keep their mouths shut and they’ll try to cover their own butts by warning Paulie, Nicole or Corey, which could undo everything. But this is a glimmer of hope. There finally seems to be a viable resistance that wants to stand up to Paulie and not let him control the game anymore.

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I give a lot of the credit for this potential flip to Natalie. She has made it clear that she’s now playing the game hard and isn’t afraid to make big moves. She’s not going to sit back and do nothing, she’s going to fight. It’s kind of amazing how quickly she learned this game and how committed she is to pushing for this. James has been lukewarm at best regarding this move, but Natalie hasn’t let it go.

This Thursday’s double eviction will definitely be a big one. If they go through with this move and succeed in evicting Zakiyah along with either Nicole, Corey or Paulie, it’s a huge change. If they refuse and it ends up being Michelle who gets evicted with either Natalie, Bridgette or James, then we can probably write Paulie a check for $500,000 right now.

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