Though the rumor leaked directly after her Dancing with the Stars win, Peta Murgatroyd has confirmed she is expecting her first child with fiance Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The Dancing with the Stars professional couple has opened up in an interview with People about when they knew they were pregnant, how they are preparing and if they already know the sex of their baby.

As previously reported, news leaked of Peta’s pregnancy right after she won the most recent season of Dancing with the Stars with celebrity partner Nyle DiMarco. The pregnancy has gone unconfirmed by the couple until now. Maks and Peta say that they learned of the pregnancy just weeks into Dancing with the Stars season 22. 

We couldn’t be happier ❤️ Baby Chmerkovskiy is coming ❤️

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“I was so sick,” Peta explains of those first few months. She spent those few months dancing with America’s Next Top Model winner Nyle DiMarco, leading him to another reality TV victory. The news that Peta was suffering through the sickness that sometimes accompanies pregnancy and was able to still win makes her victory all the more impressive.

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Now, though, the couple has settled into a happy and healthy existence as they prepare for the baby’s arrival. “I’m looking forward to nurturing something and just having the baby be the center of our world,” Peta explains. “I’m looking forward to putting all our energy into this beautiful soul.”

Meanwhile, Maks said, “I can’t wait to provide this baby with the tools to become a beautiful, kind person. And they’ll have the best sneaker collection.” Maks and Peta don’t know the sex of the baby yet but Maks is hoping for a girl or at least a child that takes after their mother. 

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“We’ll be in trouble with a little me running around,” Maks said, “So hopefully they’ll be a lot like Peta.”

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