This week on Suits, cool, yet under pressure Harvey feels a heat he hasn’t experienced since he had a little Scottie love. Don’t get excited; it’s bad heat, not sexy time heat. The SEC, Jessica, Logan Sanders, Mike, and bad guy Forstman are coming at our starched lawyer leaving him a little, dare I say it, disheveled. 

Last week on Suits, our boys kissed and made up (sort of), paid a pound of flesh (well, Rachel fainted), Donna fulfilled Louis’ dream (sexless and Shakespearean), and SEC pit bull Cahill suspected something is rotten in the state of Harvey and Mike. This week’s offering resolved the Gillis takeover dance off with Mike on top, then Harvey on top, and then, well, let’s take a look at what went down in the awesomely titled episode, “Litt the Hell Up.”

You’re Such a Harvey Pleaser, Louis

Louis struts into the office distributing his personalized Litt Up mugs. He gives Donna her “chalice” complete with a necklace he claims is a replica of one Dame Judi Dench wore when she played Ophelia. He has a special one for Harvey still trying to make-up for the whole leading Mike to Forstman thing.  

“What the hell is this?” Harvey asks, eyeballing the mug. Donna tries to smooth the Louis waters by saying it was a “please forgive me” gesture. Donna does the usual “quit being a dick” schtick and tells Harvey that Logan’s been brought to the SEC to be questioned by Cahill.

Guilt Becomes You

Mike and Rachel get called out on their less-than-innocent behavior. Mike is summoned to the principal’s office with boss Sidwell confronting the young gun about “colluding” with Harvey. The pair did go to dinner while he was supposed to be buying up stock. He uses the old “Rachel fainted” excuse. Weak, Mike. “You were having wine behind my back,” comments Sidwell a little more than green. “Is there anything else you’re not telling me?” he asks his protégé. Mike doesn’t come clean.

Rachel is riding in a cab, looking at the get well card Logan sent her with flowers. She flashes back to Logan alone in the law library, and there’s heavy flirting going on. Logan says they have “chemistry” with a cool cover of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy playing in the background. She lays a hot kiss on his neck and we flash back to the present with her arriving at Logan’s place. She claims she’s there to tell him to back off because she has a boyfriend whom “she loves.” He doesn’t back down, going in for a kiss and she is more than willing. She finally pulls away once her jacket comes off and rushes out.

Rachel has kiss-guilt written all over her face as she enters Pearson Specter. “Donna please don’t do your thing on me,” says Rachel. Donna and her spidey senses knows betrayal when she sees it. “If you went to his place, you were giving him the wrong idea.” Rachel admits that she kissed him “for too long.” Donna, therapist to all, tells her to keep her mouth shut. 

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The Heat Is on Harvey

Last week we saw sweet, flower-bearing Harvey escort Donna to her final performance as Portia in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. In “Litt the Hell Up” he’s put his sensitive side back in his pocket and just wants to put that Gillis deal to bed. He tells Logan to get a room with Mike. Let me rephrase that. He advises Logan to get in a room with Mike and settle all. Logan says it’s a no go. 

Jessica adds to the pressure, telling Harvey the heat from the SEC is something they can’t have. “End it.” She wants the Gillis deal done. Yesterday.  

Harvey calls a meeting with Mike to settle it all. “Look what the cat dragged in,” says smug faced Mike. We know this is not going to end well. Harvey tells him Cahill hauled Logan to the SEC, adding it’s a “we” problem. Mike makes his own offer, saying he wants to buy Harvey out. Who does this Mike kid think he is? Harvey says Logan will never agree to that. Mike’s parting shot, “That’s another ‘you’ problem.”

Score One for Louis

Jessica asks Jeff Malone to go back over the Gillis stock purchase again. He says no; he made it as “questionable” as possible. He takes offense at the less than full trust he’s feeling from his more-than-boss.

Jessica couldn’t care less about those Jeff feelings and takes Louis to lunch to ask him about the Gillis stock purchase without really asking about the Gillis stock purchase. Louis knows what’s up. “You’re asking me to double check Jeff Malone’s work,” he figures out. 

Louis makes a thrilling discovery (for Louis) and summons Jessica to his office. He finds a loophole, a mistake that Jeff made. It makes the stock buy go away as if it didn’t happen.

“Give me the word and I’ll David Blaine this whole thing away,” he proudly tells Jessica. She tells him good work, but that he better run it by Harvey first. 

“Jeff Malone just dropped a deuce on Jessica’s desk,” Louis says in one of the best lines of the night. Of course, he can’t find Harvey to tell him. 

Under Pressure

Harvey isn’t the only one feeling the heat. Rachel is getting it from both ends: Mike and Logan. Rachel tells Harvey about the pressure Logan’s under from his company’s board. Logan is mad about the Rachel reveal, but agrees to getting into that Mike room to make a deal. Rachel pleads with him to not say anything about the kiss. He says he won’t because he’s hoping for some future relationship with her. He’s coming across as pretty sincere these days. It’ll be interesting to see if true colors will suddenly appear in the weeks to come.

Rachel runs home because now she’s got to work the Mike angle. She suggests to her boyfriend that maybe he needs to second guess that room idea. Mike says he can handle it.

Pick Me, Pick Me

The room scene has finally arrived with Mike making the offer, Logan is happy with the dollar signs, and everything  almost inked. BUT … Mike says Harvey goes back to being his lawyer and has to dump Logan.

“We’ll let Harvey choose who he wants to represent after today.” They turn to Harvey. “Decide.”

How do you choose between your two children? Harvey picks Mike for his team (well, duh). It was always Mike, Logan. The deal is now off, Logan pulling a “we didn’t really shake on it.” Harvey reprimands Mike for being so petty and blindsiding him. Mike’s got the smug look of the kid chosen first. 

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Not the Car, Harvey!

Harvey reaches desperation time and in a last ditch effort, meets up with Forstman. He throws the keys to the Aston Martin they fought over years ago across a table. “You want me to buy you out?” asks the billionaire. Harvey says, “Those two assholes (Logan and Mike) let their personal s**t get in the way of business.”

Forstman asks, “What makes you sure these two assholes are gonna do any better?” He passes on the deal tossing the keys back to Harvey (whew). Forstman knows Harvey’s got to be desperate and tells him to “get your sorry ass out of here.” His ace in the hole is that the Wexler shares were put back on the market and Forstman bought them. Oh, Louis, what did you do?

Winners and Losers

Sidwell congratulates Mike on their victory. It looks like they actually won. 

Back at Pearson Specter, Harvey is screaming at Louis, “You never listen!” He berates him, mad about much more than the Litt man. They lost.

Louis defends himself saying he’s a senior partner. Harvey is so furious he says, “Stay the hell out of my business.” 

Louis looks like he’s going to cry. You’d think he’d be used to being Harvey’s whipping boy by now. This time it’s a little different. He talks back a little, and he does something about it.

Game, Set, Match: Louis Litt

What does he do? Louis goes to Forstman and says he wants to buy him out, throwing a book of notes in front of him. “It’s a time capsule of my rage,” he says. It’s everything Harvey’s ever done to him, every perceived under cut. He says he hates Harvey and wants to stick it to him. Now that’s a plan Forstman can get behind. 

Mike, your win has just turned into a loss. He meets up with Forstman who tells him he sold his shares of Gillis to Logan Sanders. He does gives Mike a job offer as a consolation prize. “I could use a smart SOB like you,” he tells the lawyer/investment banker. Mike tells him to go to hell. That’s the old Mike we love. 

Louis gets to tell Harvey that he saved the day. He tells his idol about the Forstman deal and how it actually all came together. Harvey looks incredulous, not quite believing that Louis did good. Harvey says, “This has got to be the most genius thing you’ve ever done in your entire wonderful, miserable life.” Louis can’t believe he’s not in trouble. He looks over the moon when Harvey says he could kiss him. “How did you do it?” asks Harvey.

“We found common ground,” Louis answers cryptically.  

“Charles Forstman got Litt the hell up,” states Harvey, who is proud of Louis. Aw, pass me the Kleenex.

Later, Louis admits he’s illegally running the Forstman money through the Cayman’s to avoid taxes. He says the look on Harvey’s face makes it worth it. Okay, one more Kleenex. 

When a Win is not a Win

Mike meets with Sidwell who now knows about the Mike almost-betrayal. “You spat in my face,” says John. He fires Mike, saying he can never trust him again. How did he find out about the double cross? Forstman, of course. The Gillis deal gone, job swept away. Not a stellar day for Mike.

Rachel is not happy with the Logan win, either. It seems she’ll never be rid of her ex. She wants to tell Mike about the kiss, but Donna insists that she doesn’t, saying, “It will bore a hole in his brain.”

Rachel insists she has to tell him. “Mike trusted me with his secret. I need to find the courage to trust him with this.” Rachel, I’m pretty sure that the head custodian knows about the “secret” at this point. Don’t do it. 

The final scene is Mike packing up and leaving his office with sad Amy looking on. Am I the only one wishing he’d run back to Pearson Spector into the arms of Harvey, Donna, and Louis? Maybe there will be a personalized mug on his old desk? What did you think of “Litt the Hell Up?” Were you happy with the Louis intervention or will that Cayman money come back and bite him in typical Litt fashion? 

Suits airs Wednesdays on USA Network at 9 pm

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