If you ever think you have the upper hand against Supernatural’s Winchester boys, know that death is close at hand. For Billie the Reaper, that’s a lesson she’ll take to her grave.

Death’s untimely demise left a power vacuum amongst Supernatural‘s soul collectors, one that Billie (Lisa Berry) filled with a no-nonsense approach. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are two of mortality’s most notorious scofflaws, but, under Billie’s watchful gaze, their little habit of slipping the noose was at and end. But just when the Reaper thought she had one Winchester in her crosshairs, Castiel (Misha Collins) snapped like a twig.

Now that Berry’s character is beyond the veil, the cast of Supernatural is bracing for the inevitable fallout. You don’t just gank a cosmic power without earth-shaking consequences. 

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“We can talk about cosmic consequences, which scare us for obvious reasons that have been documented for 12 seasons,” Padalecki teased at 2017’s Salute to Supernatural in Houston. “We have yet to see what those consequences are.”

Nevertheless, Ackles is sure the writers won’t let Billie’s denouement go unchecked. 

“Dean killed Death and nothing really happened,” the actor joked. “So they’re a little gun-shy…I’m sure [consequences are] coming.” 

For now, the final scene of “First Blood” informs Castiel’s character arc more than anything else. The rogue angel was left adrift in the doldrums without the rest of Team Free Will, a fact that hit Cas like a gut punch from the Zoloft blob. Not only was he missing the cognoscenti of the hunter world, but he had to the weather life without his adoptive family. Needless to say, he didn’t take it well. 

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Stabbing Billie in the back (quite literally, mind you) was Cas’ tacit exclamation of “enough is enough!” The Winchesters have traded their lives away one too many times for comfort and their wingman is putting his foot down. 

“It was a really cool moment to see both Misha and Cas reveal kind of what they feel,” Padalecki mused as Supernatural prepares for season 12’s angel-centric episode (Feb. 2’s episode 10, “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets”).

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