Lies, deceit, and secrets filled last night’s episode of Quantico on ABC called “JMPALM” as some of the biggest powerhouses were exposed, including fans’ beloved Alex.

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As if her relationship with Ryan hadn’t crumbled enough on Quantico, the two are put against one another as their CIA (AKA AIC) counterparts find out what’s somewhat close to the truth about the secret lives they have been leading during their days on the farm. 

Alex is the first who is exposed thanks to Harry and his demanding handler, who urged him to find out more about the AIC recruits. He secretly followed Alex (how could she not catch that?) for her morning jog and of course hears her having a very private conversation with Ryan, who confronts Alex, who has been keeping secrets of her own from him. It doesn’t take long for Harry to come up with a master plan to expose them both.

During their lesson with Owen, Harry confronts Alex for not being completely honest with him. But it almost seems as if Owen was the one who was working with Alex covertly since he said a quote that Alex received on her burner phone, “Your patience will be rewarded.” 

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Still, Alex doesn’t have too many fans on the farm, as Nimah orders Ryan to get rid of Alex stat because she was doing more harm than good for the cause. Interestingly enough, despite Harry and Alex’s intense moment, he defends Alex and tells her she needs to axe Ryan before he turns the tables and does the same to her. Harry and Alex have to put their differences aside as they take on Owen’s latest challenge: get close to a Venezuelan official. Interestingly enough, Alex finds out a secret that Owen has been hiding as she spots a resignation letter on his tablet.

As for as this week’s task, Harry and Alex team up as a fake married couple while Ryan and Sebastian try to unite as investors with hopes of getting more intel on the ambassador. Let’s just say things don’t go as smoothly as they had hoped considering Ryan leaves handcuffed to one of the security guards, thanks to the one and only Alex. Alex and Harry’s lie to the ambassador that his husband wanted to take their daughter and leave the country was successful as he believed them. The only monkey wrench was Dayana. Shocking, right? She and Leon had one job … to keep the daughter hostage. But Dayana got a bit into her feelings and set her free. 

Speaking of Leon, he seems to be reaching his breaking point with the AIC after he finds out his fake girlfriend Shelby (AKA Jane) has been keeping secrets of her own. In one scene, he tells her to relax and shower. She takes his advice but what she doesn’t know is that he decides to use that time to snoop through her things and finds a gun. He ends up securing a side deal with Nimah. 

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It definitely wasn’t a very good week for Ryan as Owen also confronted him after he caught Ryan and Alex arguing. He asks Ryan about his real identity and while Ryan gives an answer that sounds logical, Owen isn’t 100% convinced. That’s when Owen takes his irritation up with Alex and asks her about the burner phone. It looks like he isn’t working with her after all. But whoever Alex is working with could only get her so far because she is one of the only recruits who didn’t advance from the AIC to the CIA in the episode.

Moving on to the present-day, Alex and Miranda are at odds as they head back to try to rescue the hostages from the terrorists. Miranda tries to convince Alex that they can get everyone out alive. But things go extremely wrong when Miranda unveils her true plan to get documents from Lydia. Nimah comes to the rescue and holds Miranda at gunpoint while revealing Ryan’s true identity — well, confirming that Ryan actually isn’t a terrorist. 

Claire Haas returns as Shelby and her ex-future-mother-in-law come head-to-head in an intense scene. Shelby urges Claire to use her POTUS power to stop the air strike. But Claire reveals she can’t because she “helped create the rogue group inside the CIA.” While this was definitely a gasp-worthy moment, it’s not what it sounds like. Instead, Claire clears up her statement and said she helped pay for the “rogue group” but didn’t know that was what the funds were being used for until it was too late. 

The show also possibly takes a subtle shot at current President Donald Trump as Claire goes off about running against a man who had no political experience. While Claire and Shelby are going back and forth, the air strike is making its way toward the danger zone full of dozens of hostages. It gets as close as 15 seconds while Shelby yells at Claire to stop it while she still can. It will definitely be interesting to see how things play out next week. 

What did you think of this week’s episode? What shocked you the most? Will Claire stop the air strike? Do Alex and Ryan have a future together? Tell us what you think in the comments. 

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