In the winter premiere of The Fosters season 4, “Insult to Injury,” Jesus lands in the hospital after fighting with Nick in the winter finale. But when he starts having seizures, everyone is alarmed. Also, the rest of the Foster family deals with the aftermath and their own drama.

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Jesus in Trouble

Jesus is rushed away in an ambulance at the top of the hour, after he got punched by Nick in the winter finale, and Stef joins him for the trip. He’s awake and coherent but then starts complaining of a strong gasoline smell that no one else senses. Suddenly, he starts having a seizure, and Stef understandably freaks out when he continues to have it by the time they’re rushed into the emergency room at a nearby hospital.

When Lena, Mariana and Emma go to the hospital as well, Mariana is clearly out of it, and Lena notices. Emma quickly reveals that Mariana has been taking some of Jesus’ ADHD pills, which makes Lena furious and upset. But before she can admonish Mariana too much, Stef walks in, looking distraught.

She apparently explains to them what little she knows of what’s going on, and by the time Callie and Aaron arrive, they and the others present are told that Jesus is unconscious and that his latest injury may have compromised his brain. But just where were Callie and Aaron before they got to the hospital?

The Latest Callie Drama

Remember how Callie got into a car with some guy at the end of season 4A to go looking for Mariana? And how Callie was trying to prove that Kyle didn’t murder that guy’s grandmother? Well, at the beginning of this episode of The Fosters, she gets a call from Aaron, who tells her he’s been informed that the murder weapon apparently didn’t have the DNA of the suspect they had in mind, but it did have DNA from someone related to Martha, the woman who was killed — a male relative of hers, in fact. 

Callie quickly realizes that she may be in danger and starts pretending that she’s talking to someone on the phone about how they found Mariana. She continues the charade when she hangs up, asking the guy, Troy, just to drop her anywhere. But he starts pressing, asking her why she’s so convinced that Kyle is innocent, and he quickly becomes angry. When he totally freaks out, Callie stops them from drifting into the other lane, but they end up in a car accident that briefly knocks Troy out.

Callie starts to call 911 to report the accident, but the guy wakes up and starts going after her, and she books it. He sees the driver injured in the other car but does nothing about it and drives away. When Callie gets to a safe place, she calls Aaron, who finds her and tells her she should go to the police about the accident. But he also advises her not to mention anything about Troy or the murder, which will be important later.

After that, Callie gets a call about Jesus, and the two of them rush to the hospital.

Brandon’s Next Mistake

So where’s Brandon during all of this? Well, initially, he’s wandering aimlessly, hopelessly sad about losing his shot at Juilliard. The scene flashes back to when he sent a letter to Cortney, basically breaking up with her to start his new life in New York City. We also see that he eventually goes to her and explains that he felt he got in over his head with her and Mason, and she tells him she never wanted to hold him back. When he offers to continue helping them, she shoots back that she isn’t helpless, and she declines when he asks if he can still come by to see Mason sometimes.

However, now that he’s not going to NYC, he goes back to her place and explains what happened — everything from the SATs to how he won’t be going away to school. She comforts him, which leads to them having sex in her living room, and someone really needs to talk to that boy about healthy relationships. After they’re done, Brandon finally notices his phone ringing, and they go to the hospital as well, with Brandon trying to get a hold of Jude while Cortney drives.

Jude’s Adventure

But Jude is off making some bad decisions of his own. He and Noah had wandered away from the festival to get high, flirting the whole way, and they eventually come to a marina. They smooth-talk their way onto a boat that the guy they spoke with thinks is Noah’s father’s and continue to get high on the vessel. Oh, and they get a bad case of the munchies, so they break open some bags of chips on the boat and cuddle in a bed, where they eat them together. It’d be kind of cute if it wasn’t so reckless.

The smoking and eating leads to stoner talk and eventually to the boys making out. Just as Jude takes off his shirt and it looks like things are going to get even more hot and heavy, they hear footsteps above them on the deck, so they scramble to put clothes on and clean up. Just as the guy who owns it unties the boat from the dock, the boys rush to jump off of it, running to escape the guy who had initially let them get on it.

By some coincidence, Cortney and Brandon happen to be driving by just as the boys run towards the road they’re on, so the boys jump in and tell them to drive. They make their getaway, and Cortney agrees to drop Noah off at home after leaving Brandon and Jude at the hospital.

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More Complications

While the others are waiting for word on Jesus, a police officer shows up to question him. He claims that Nick and Mariana both said Jesus started the altercation that landed Jesus in the hospital, and he wakes up just in time so the police can question him about the incident. Stef refuses to let the officer talk to him alone, so she goes with him.

Lena has Mariana seen by a doctor just after Mat shows up and as Jesus is being questioned in another room. She admits that she took two (maybe three) of Jesus’ pills because she was falling behind in school and not getting enough sleep, and Lena is furious. Luckily, the person checking her says that Mariana is little dehydrated but otherwise seems okay. Later, Mat comforts Mariana and she explains about the pills, but she also mentions that Nick was at the festival and she doesn’t know how he knew she was there. Of course, we know Mariana could have been seeing things when she thought Nick was there, but Mat doesn’t know that.

Elsewhere, the office is questioning Jesus, and he gets more agitated as the inquiries continue. He starts complaining of a gasoline smell again, and Stef, recognizing what’s happening, frantically calls for a doctor just as he starts to seize again.

Bolts and Break-Ups

The doctors explain that Jesus’ brain is swelling, so he’s placed in a medically-induced coma in order for them to go in and insert a bolt into his head to monitor pressure. It will let them know if they need to go in and drain fluid or even perform a full craniotomy, which would involve removing part of his skull. The moms agree to the surgery, and he’s wheeled off.

Lena goes to pray while Jesus is in surgery, and Cortney shows up after dropping Noah off, asking to speak to Brandon privately. She tells him she thinks what happened between them that day was a mistake, that nothing’s changed. When Brandon tries to argue that everything has changed, she replies that she feels like his “back-up plan,” explaining that he hurt her and Mason, and she’s not going to get over that. She leaves, and Brandon is left without a girlfriend again.


After Brandon tells Callie what happened, including the fact that he’s not going to Juilliard, AJ and Mike show up at the hospital, Mike having convinced AJ to go in and apologize and be there for Callie in spite of the fight they had in the winter finale. AJ and Callie make up, AJ goes over and apologizes to Aaron for some disparaging remarks he had made about him, and Callie and Brandon agree not to tell anyone else about Juilliard until things have settled down. So when Mike gives Brandon a book about hidden places in New York, he doesn’t have the heart to tell his dad that he isn’t going after all.

But Callie also ends up owing Aaron an apology because AJ accidentally reveals to him that Callie had told him Aaron was trans. That’s not something you casually disclose. And when Aaron is leaving later that night, he makes it clear that she can’t go around telling people that he’s trans. He reminds her that people get killed for being transgender, and she sincerely apologizes for her mistake before he heads out for the night.

No More Trouble

Lena prays briefly in the hospital chapel, with Stef eventually joining her, and then they apparently receive word that Jesus has made it through okay, which they relay to the rest of the group still waiting for news. As he’s still in the ICU, they tell the kids to go home, as it could be days before the swelling goes down enough that he can be woken up. They also request that there be “no more trouble,” which the kids agree to. Easier said than done.

After talking earlier in the day with Aaron, Callie convinces herself initially not to go to the police about the accident. On the off chance that Troy didn’t report it or tell them she was there, she doesn’t want to draw more attention to the whole Kyle/murder mystery situation. Aaron advised her to tell her moms, but, maybe because she doesn’t want to cause more drama, she instead goes straight to the police after hearing a news report about the hit and run accident on a hospital TV.

Callie goes to the precinct and explains that she wants to make a statement about the accident. But when two cops are talking about the situation in a nearby room while she waits for questioning, it’s clear that she did in fact ramble on about Kyle and Martha and the DNA because they talk about it. I’m not 100% sure, but I think one of the cops is the one who was involved in covering up information about that case. He mentions that by running, she left the scene of an accident, which is a felony. It looks like Callie has more drama on the way, as usual.

At the hospital, the moms talk about how Jesus could have very real problems after he wakes up, like needing to learn to walk again or personality changes including anger problems. And earlier in the day, Emma went after Mariana, blaming her for causing Jesus to be in that situation in the first place, having only attacked Nick while trying to protect his sister. So it looks like they all have more trouble on the horizon, as much as they might want to avoid it.

Will Jesus wake up without major repercussions? Will Mariana reveal that she’s been “seeing” Nick everywhere? And what’s going to happen to Callie now? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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