In the season 5 premiere of Switched at Birth, Daphne and Bay return from an extended trip to China. When they finally make it home, things aren’t exactly the way they were before they left. Relationships have formed, dramas have started and every relationship that these two have gets tested. Find out what causes the girls to come home along with everything else that happens in the season 5 premiere of Switched at Birth, titled “The Call.”

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China Fever

On a hike in China, Bay falls fatally ill and Daphne has to rush her to the nearest doctor. They find one in a small village, though he doesn’t speak much English. Bay recovers after some weeks and has a whole new outlook on life. She now wants to live it to the fullest and convinces Daphne that they should extend their trip in China rather than go home. The two end up staying for 10 whole months, growing closer and more bonded with each day and even getting matching tattoos.

Bay also manages to sort out her love life while in China. The season 4 finale showed her sort of running away from a love triangle between her, Emmett and Travis. Ultimately, her time in recovery has helped her decide that it was Travis that she still wanted. He flies out and takes a coaching job to spend that year of time with her in China, and Bay takes a job as a tattoo artist.

Life Back Home

Eight months later, life has changed back in Kansas City as well. Kathryn is now the Director of Athletic Advancement at UMKC, effectively making her John’s boss. This makes for an interesting shift in their relationship dynamic, but they seem to be handling it with a perfect balance of romance and professionalism. It appears that their relationship has reached some more stable ground. Still, Kathryn trying not to play favorites as John’s boss does make things tricky.

Meanwhile, Regina’s relationship status seems to have changed as well. She’s having a relationship with a younger man, a fellow student in one of her classes at UMKC, which they are keeping a secret from their classmates. However, things get even more complicated when he meets Daphne, who he seems to have a lot in common with.

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The Call Home

While working one day, Bay gets a phone call that immediately sends her, Daphne and Travis home. Emmett was at a bar drinking and mixed alcohol with narcotics, nearly dying. When the trio returns home, things are still awkward all around from their pre-existing history but even more so with this added near-tragedy. Emmett is quick to brush the whole thing off as a misunderstanding before storming off.

He later takes off. Wen Bay and Daphne catch up to him, he admits that he’s under a lot of stress and even apologizes for making a movie about them. They want to help him return to his former self. Bay and Emmett have a moment, which confuses her all over again about who she wants to be with.

Things with Daphne aren’t so great either when she returns. Her ex is dating someone else, she can’t find a place to live on campus and it turns out that her year-long clinic won’t count for school credit, putting her a year behind.

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