The drama continues for Harvey as he is faced with more family drama than ever in the upcoming episode of USA’s Suits, “The Painting.”  

In the explosive teaser the network released, Harvey is finally ready to reunite with his mother (thanks to Donna urging him to do so after his latest breakdown in a previous episode).

Still, he hints that he isn’t quite ready to come face-to-face with his mother for the first time in years. Fans might remember that he and his mother became estranged after he caught her cheating on his father. To make things even more traumatizing for then teenager Harvey, he kept her infidelity a secret. 

“I haven’t seen the woman in seven years,” he tells Donna in the short Suits sneak peek.

It looks like his mother is just as surprised that he goes through with the face-to-face meeting but Harvey makes it clear, “I don’t wanna be angry anymore.”

While things appear to be taking a turn for the best, it goes left when Harvey accuses his mother of betraying his trust once again. “You spit in Dad’s face by bringing him here,” he said while confronting her and another man.

But it doesn’t end there as it all possibly gets physical. 

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A synopsis for the season 6 episode, “The Painting” reads, “Harvey tries to repair a broken relationship, leaving Louis, Donna and Rachel to manage PSL in his absence. Meanwhile, Mike gets a helping hand from an unexpected place.

The showrunner and creator of the USA series, Aaron Korsh, also confirmed that this would be a life changing moment for Harvey.

“When you get through that episode, it absolutely has an effect on him and his relationships with the people in the firm and the people in his life. That’s why we get more back into the firm [storylines]. But yes, it’s evolved for everyone,” Korsh told TV Guide.

Find out what happens when Suits season 6 airs on USA Wednesday at 10/9c.

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