When Veronica is hired by Bonnie, Tim Foyle’s promiscuous girlfriend, to find out who slipped her a morning after pill and caused her to have a miscarriage, typical Veronica Mars lunacy ensues.  Meanwhile, the latest Veronica Mars min-arc continues as Keith closes in on Dean O’Dell’s killer.  And don’t forget, tune in later tonight for an exciting Veronica Mars spoiler!

My chief complaint with the compressed arcs on Veronica Mars has been the way they almost always cross into the the single episodic mysteries. This episode was no exception .  Veronica follows a lead on the miscarriage case directly to Tim Foyle who has secretly found a witness to the Dean O’Dell murder.

The problem with these crossings, in my opinion, is that it really weakens the episodic mystery.  Suddenly instead of being a stand alone clincher we can invest in emotionally, it becomes a conduit for more clues to a completely unrelated theme.

Once again, as seems to happen every other episode, Logan and Veronica struggle over issues of fidelity and who slept with who while they were broken up.  Madison continues to be a negative influence on the whole situation and again… as you can guess… Logan and Veronica split up, again.  The problem is, after seeing the same cycle repeat itself for the umpteenth time, should we really be expected to care?

Ultimately the mini-mystery does get solved, of course,  turns out that Bonnie’s room-mate was the one who slipped her the Ru486 in a misguided act of looking out for her future.  I’d love to say I didn’t see it coming, but hey… who didn’t?

The single witness turned up to the Dean O’Dell murder helps very little, providing a time frame and that is it.  Meanwhile Keith finds a discrepancy over the egging of Dean O’Dell’s vehicle.  The eggers claim they hit a Volvo,  O’Dell’s wife claims he had the Volvo.  Later, O’Dell’s wife calls on Keith to rescue her from an intruder in the house.  The intruder turns out to be her ex-husband, the one Keith helped extort some bone marrow out of a few episodes back.  While he is there, Keith finds evidence that the Volvo was indeed egged.   

No matter how much I mourn the loss of Veronica Mars season ones snappy stories, edgy subject matter, and scandalous over arcing story, I still can’t give up on Veronica Mars.  Every ounce of my being hopes Rob Thomas and company get another season to give Veronica another go, but I plead with the powers that be.  Not like this.  Not again.

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