Battlestar Galactica returns next week for a string of seven episodes that will lead the series to its march 25th finale. Still no word on whether or not Battlestar Galactica will be renewed for a fourth season, but savvy industry watchers note that the series is quite close to being eligible for a lucrative syndication package, yet another good reason to believe we’ll be seeing more Battlestar Galactica next year. Read on for a preview of what to expect as sweeps month heads to a close.
February 11th – The Woman, King

Note the conspicuous comma. In this episode of Battlestar Galactica King is indeed a woman whose last name is King. This is a Helo-Centric episode where Mrs. King approaches Helo with concerns that a Dr. Roberts (played by vet Bruce Davison) is killing Saggitarians. Things become a bit more complicated when Helo finds out it is Roberts who is treating Hera. February 18th – A Day in the Life

Chief and Calley get trapped on the wrong end of an airlock resulting in some dire circumstances. Flashback sequences provide some insight into Admiral Adam’s relationship with his wife Caroline. Looks like a mostly dramatic outing for Battlestar Galactica this week. February 25th – Dirty Hands

Shades of new Caprica as Chief finds himself embroiled in a labor dispute. Not knowing which direction to turn, he seeks the counsel of deposed president Baltar who, himself, is pondering his past actions. Seelix makes a return in this episode and looks to be pining for chief whose wife is still in grave shape. This ends what is known for sure, Battlestar Galactica produers promise huge surprises and twists on the level of the New Caprica leap from season two starting with the first episode of March, Maelstrom, which debuts March 4th. The Battlestar Galactica producers, and stars, have done everything they can do to convince us that Starbuck dies in this episode. Could it be they are just not going to resist the extremely efficient spoiler network that has evolved on the internet, or do they have a major curve ball in store for us when the ides of March roll in? One thing that is revealed through scan Battlestar Galactica promo pics for Maelstrom is the appearance of Kara’s Eye of Jupiter fascination. It is safe to assume that learning the nature of her destiny is going to have some pretty heavy implications for Galacticas ace.

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