Episode Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Episode Overview: A girl with colon cancer and toxic blood comes into Seattle Grace, helping everyone to fall ill. Meredith’s mother is lucid and bitchy. Callie is paranoid, again, about her relationship with George. Episode Highlights: Callie and George got married! Ellis Grey is lucid! The Denny Duquette Memorial Center is open! Cristina said yes! Recap: So last week’s Grey’s Anatomy was all about the last five minutes. I think it’s fair to say that this week’s episode is all about the first five minutes. Instantly we learn that Ellis Grey is lucid. She woke up and could remember everything except the past five years. The Denny Duquette Memorial Center had its opening day – pretty fast turn around, that is. And then the real shocker comes – George and Callie got married in Vegas. That’s right – married. The rest of Seattle Grace is pretty shocked by the news, Izzy insults the ring, Karev makes fun of “Callie O’Malley,” and even Olivia gives a snarky comment. But Meredith seems genuinely happy, and she and George share a moment over congratulating.
We also find out early on, that Cristina has yet to give an answer to Burke over his engagement question. He tries to hold this over her by bribing her with surgeries and patients, one being Meredith’s mother. Addison watches Dr. Karev walk-by, proving that she is, at least a little bit, infatuated with him. (After professing his ‘non-feelings’ for her, Dr. Karev shamefully indulges and looks back.) Meredith finally talks to her mom, trying to embrace ‘the gift’ that is Ellis’ lucidness. But her mom is a bitch. Yeah, I’m not sugar-coating it, she’s not great, not even at all. She yells at Meredith, accusing her of doing nothing with her life, and says she’s basically worthless. She then talks to Derek and yells at him when it comes out that he’s dating Meredith. She blames him for her daughter being ordinary. Mommy Dearest, anyone? Meanwhile, George has started to get the shakes. He’s very clammy, shakey, pale, and sweaty. Callie assumes it’s about her – obviously – and that he’s having second thoughts. He soon ends up on a gurney, along with Olivia and anyone dealing with Colon Girl. Just as Dr.’s Webber and Karev are doing her surgery, George figures out her blood is toxic. Camera scans to operating room…with just bodies on the floor! GASP! We come back from the commercial and everyone is out of the OR. Derek and Burke are trying to figure out how to go about fixing Colon Girl, when Addison notices she’s waking up from her anesthesia. She starts gagging on her mouth tube thing, Addison goes in, fixes it, and barely makes it back out. When she’s recuperating, she does manage to steal a little eye candy on Dr. Karev – he again, reciprocates. Callie’s weekly freak-out about George not liking her enough happens again – this time she blames it on his friends influencing him. Nevermind the fact that he’s been corrupted by toxic blood, let’s make sure to just focus on ourselves. Speaking of weeklies, Dr. Bailey has her recurrent monumental speech about something specific, this time about a girl getting closer to her father. You know, Bailey used to be my favorite, but she’s gotten all weird and blah, blah, blah…I long for the nazi. But back to Colon Girl: Burke and Derek go in to help save her and bam – they also fall prey to the toxic blood. They get taken out, and we have this weird obstacle race between Izzy, Meredith, ad Cristina. One goes in, does Part A; another goes in, does Part B – a little too odd for my liking, but they save Colon Girl, nonetheless. Before she helps save Colon Girl, Meredith talks to her mom and tells her how she should have a surgery that could change her life. Ellis is very against it, but it ultimately comes down to Meredith’s decision. But then! Ellis and Webber talk, and he comforts her in the best way he knows – discussing the past. Ellis reminisces and wishes she could go back, and confesses that she worries about Meredith. What really comes out is that she’s jealous of her daughter – she only wishes she could be so ordinary and not have this mind-numbing disease. As they leave Seattle Grace one more time, Izzy makes the last crack of the day about George and Callie, to which George finally sticks up for his betrothed. We see a glimpse of Addison and Dr. Sloan having the sex, but I think we all know who Addison wishes she was really with. Cristina says yes to Burke – but that’s not the exciting part. The exciting part is how they react – they actually get excited! Show emotion! Show that they’re happy! Naturally Cristina won’t be wearing a ring, but I still think we’ve come a long way. And we end with Meredith giving the surgery decision to her mother – only to find out she had already relapsed back into her Alzheimer’s state. As for next week? There will be a tragedy. And the doctors will be involved. – Jinju Brandis, BuddyTV Staff Columnist


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