Fashion House is a soap opera that focuses on the chaotic world of the fashion industry garnished with overstated themes. It entails matters of desire, deception, merciless ambition, lust and unquenchable greed.

Bo Derek stars as Maria Gianni, the brutal head of Fashion House. The show also consists of Natalie Martinez as Michelle Miller, Taylor Kinney as Luke Gianni, Mini Anden as Tania Ford, Joel Berti as William Chandler, Robert Buckley as Michael Bauer and Donna Feldman as Gloria Thompson among others. All hell breaks loose as the plot explodes with infidelity and romance, not to mention the pursuit of dreams.

Fashion House is produced by Stephen Brown, Joan Etchells, and Brian Ladd Zagorski, and airs on My Network TV.


Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV