Producers are still considering a two-hour Battlestar Galactica DVD film, to be released directly to video. Series producers Ron Moore and David Eick now say that the film, if greenlit, would be in the form of a “bonus episode” that will bring back a popular character. Although the script has not yet been written (or so they say) the plotline of the DVD will reportedly not interrupt the continuity of the current storyline nor will it resolve the expected third season cliffhanger; it will, however, probably use the existing sets.

Since the season premiere last fall, Battlestar Galactica’s ratings have continued to slip. Will the move to Sunday nights in the middle of its third season be enough to save it? Well, yes; Sci-Fi Channel publicist Lana Kim says that although officially BSG has not officially been picked up for a fourth season, there is no chance that it will be canceled. SciFi vice president Dave Howe also says he would be “shocked” if BSG were not picked up for another season.

The announced spinoff, Caprica, has also not been picked up officially yet; some speculate that the DVD may somehow introduce a backstory for the previously announced spinoff mythology, although Moore and Eick seem to be vaguely indicating that this is not the case. SciFi’s Howe says that Caprica’s fate will be decided in February along with other shows currently in development.

If the Battlestar Galactica DVD movie does go forward, filming will take place during the series hiatus in March, prior to the June start of fourth-season shooting. The movie will likely also air on SciFi at some point.

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