In last week’s episode, Sookie got pressured into throwing a party. During said party, Andy proposed to Holly, and Jessica ended things with James before hooking up with Jason. Meanwhile, Eric found and lost Sarah Newlin, and Bill discovered that he is infected with Hep-V.

In this week’s episode, “Karma,” Sookie learns about Bill’s condition, and Pam and Eric form an unlikely alliance in their search for Sarah. Read on to find out if the sixth episode of True Blood season 7 delivers the sex, blood and insanity we have come to expect.

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Sarah’s Saving Grace

With nowhere left to go, Sarah goes to her sister’s home, seeking sanctuary. Amber has no interest in helping Sarah and shows no remorse over their parents’ deaths, as they all abandoned her when she became a vampire. Sarah pleads her case anyway, going on and on about how she has found enlightenment within herself. But Amber is only interested in what is in Sarah’s veins — the cure for Hep-V. Apparently, the scientists at vamp camp created an antidote and Sarah helped herself to the whole thing before going on the run.
Eric Has a Fighting Chance

For someone dying of Hep-V, Eric is still in good form as he dispatches Yakuza guys left and right. But Eric has to stop fighting when he realizes they have captured Pam. They take Eric and Pam to their boss to face the music.

Eric and Pam are put in a room with a lovely view, where they will wait until sunrise. They are even provided with a countdown clock so they know how close they are to burning alive. But a few minutes before sunrise, they are visited by the President of the North American branch of the Yakonomo Corporation. He says he will let them live if they can lead him to Sarah Newlin. Pam agrees to the deal and tells him about Sarah’s sister. Eric, Pam and their new ally head to Amber’s place the next night and find that Amber has been magically cured of Hep-V.

Violet is Out for Blood

Jason returns home after the party to find Violet waiting for him. Only instead of attacking him for sleeping with Jessica, Violet creates a romantic evening for the two of them. But when Jason takes a call from Jessica the next day, Violet puts her revenge plan into action. Violet tracks down Adilyn and Wade at Fort Bellefleur and kidnaps them. Though the poor kids do not realize this, as they think Violet is just helping them find somewhere they can be alone. Poor naive children. I hope Violet does not eat you.

Will Jessica Lose Bill?

Jessica returns from the party to overhear Bill on the phone mentioning his new condition. Jessica is horrified, but she does not confront Bill about his illness. Instead, she calls Jason and asks him to bring Sookie over because no one should hear news like that over the phone.

Sookie is shocked when Jessica tells her that Bill has been infected. But she quickly remembers that she was covered in H-vamp remains just a few days earlier so she has Jason take her to be tested. Of course, Sookie turns out to be positive. Her guilt over infecting Bill is rather devastating, even though I do not care about Bill.

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Karma is Coming for Bill

Realizing that his time is running out, Bill makes an appointment with a lawyer to try and settle his affairs. After spending hours in a waiting room full of H-vamps, Bill finally gets in to see the lawyer. She tells him that because of a law the late Governor Burrell came up with, Bill cannot change his will. Bill wants to leave everything to Jessica, but the only way to do that is if he adopts her. Since Bill does not have that much time, the lawyer tries to extort him in order to speed things along. Bill gets annoyed by that, so he murders the lawyer.

Bill returns home to find Sookie and Jessica waiting for him, as a song about karma plays in the background. Does Bill deserve this fate? Will all the characters get what they deserve in the end? If so, that means Lafayette and Arlene will live happily ever after with their new vampire boyfriends, and Sarah Newlin will have to spend the rest of her life saving the creatures she hates.  

Other Happenings

— Jason and Sookie spend a good deal of time together in this episode and it reminds me of how much I enjoy their relationship. Sookie’s description of the love she still feels for Bill makes Jason realize that he has never felt that way for anyone, except maybe Jessica. Sookie also admits that she loves Eric, something sure to delight Sookie/Eric fans.

— Holly and Andy deal with their first challenge as a newly-engaged couple after Andy finds Wade and Adilyn in bed together. But Arlene manages to convince them that they need to talk to their kids rather than fight with each other. Unfortunately, Adilyn and Wade have already run off together by the time Andy and Holly are ready for a family chat.

— Lafayette decides to prove Lettie Mae wrong about her visions of Tara by taking a V-trip with her. Luckily, James is on hand to donate his blood. But Lafayette ends up getting sucked into the same vision Lettie Mae has of Tara. Tara finally stops speaking in tongues long enough to lead her family to her childhood home. She starts to dig up something in the front yard, but Reverend Daniels pulls Lettie Mae and Lafayette out of the vision before they can see what Tara was trying to show them. Reverend Daniels gives Lettie Mae an ultimatum — V or him — and Lettie Mae picks the V.

— Nicole is fed-up with Bon Temps and plans to go home with her mother. She wants Sam to go with her, but Sam is hesitant to leave the only place he has ever felt safe. Will Sam go with Nicole, or will he find a way to convince her to stick around?

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What did you think of this week’s episode of True Blood? Is Bill’s Hep-V accelerating so quickly because Sookie is a faerie or because he spent several months as a vampire god? Will Eric put aside his need for revenge long enough to let Sarah cure him? Will Wade and Adilyn survive their time with Violet? And will Sookie give Bill another chance now that he is seemingly dying? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The final season of True Blood airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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