Supernatural fans who want to see Jensen Ackles tackle a character who’s far removed from Dean Winchester are in luck.  The upcoming comedy film Ten Inch Hero casts Ackles in the role of the hilarious and sex-crazed Priestly, a guy who works in a submarine sandwich shop and spends his days dispensing free-wheeling advice to customers.  Not only will the role allow Ackles to show off his comedic chops, but he also gets a multi-colored mohawk as well.

The film also stars Elisabeth Harnois, Clea Duvall, and One Tree Hill‘s Danneel Harris.  The story revolves around a young woman (Harnois) who arrives in Santa Cruz, California in search of the young daughter she gave up for adoption.  She ends up working with a cast of interesting, lovelorn characters, including Ackles’ Priestly, in a funky submarine sandwich shop owned by a hippie surfer.

The involvement of Danneel Harris won’t be the only One Tree Hill connection found in Ten Inch Hero.  Bethany Joy Galeotti, who plays Haley on the CW soap, recently recorded three songs that will be included on the film’s soundtrack.  As for Harris, she’ll be playing a nymphomaniac named Tish, who may learn to put her sex obsessed ways behind her when true love enters her life.

Unfortunately the film still doesn’t have a release date or a distribution deal, so fans are encouraged to visit the official Ten Inch Hero website for more information on how to spread the word.  The first official trailer for the movie also just hit the web, and you can see all of the mohawked Jensen Ackles goodness below:

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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