You never know what to believe when you’re reading celebrity gossip, especially when it involves scandalous hookups.  The New York Daily News recently reported that, despite her failed marriage to Chad Michael Murray, One Tree Hill‘s Sophia Bush has made a love connection with another one of her co-stars.  Yes, this time she’s apparently fallen for the other Scott brother, James Lafferty, and her fellow One Tree Hill colleagues aren’t too happy about it.  A representative for Sophia Bush insists there is no romance, but who should we believe in a situation like this?

When it comes to any potential scandals in a celebrity’s love life, the first job of any good publicist is to deny, deny, deny.  We’ve all seen situations where a long denied romance suddenly became official, usually not surprising any of us.  Publicists want to control the flow of information.  They don’t want us to know what’s really going on until they have a plan as to how to handle the news, so they often throw out denials until they feel the time is right.

I can see why they would want to squash this information, as it does paint Bush with a bit of a questionable reputation.  When her marriage to Chad Michael Murray fizzled after just five months in September of 2005, it must have caused a great amount of awkwardness for the cast and crew of One Tree Hill.  It seems that diving into a similar situation would just be asking for more trouble, and I can see why her co-workers would be upset about it.

However, maybe all of this speculation is for nothing.  Maybe this is just a baseless rumor that the gossip columnists for The New York Daily News ran with.  I have a feeling we’ll know soon enough, because when a romance is going on between two celebrities it never stays buried for long.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The New York Daily News
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