Today former House Majority Leader and Dancing with the Stars contestant Tom DeLay was sentenced to three years in prison for money laundering and conspiracy charges. This officially makes Tom DeLay the most hardened DWTS contestant ever, no easy feat since the show also featured Lil’ Kim, who spent 10 months in jail for conspiracy and perjury.

The news of Tom DeLay’s impending jail time has given us a great idea: an entire season of Dancing with the Stars full of ex-cons. It might sound crazy, but Saturday Night Live already did something similar with a parody TV reality show called So You Committed a Crime and You Think You Can Dance? Check it out.

But who would star in our all-prisoner season of Dancing with the Stars? Well, here’s a quick list of celebrities who have all served jail time and who would make excellent Dancing with the Stars contestants.

Lindsay Lohan: It’s no secret the show has tried to get Lohan to show up, and maybe this special season would be just the thing to do it.

Martha Stewart: Not only did she serve hard time, but she also fits the required older person quota DWTS has.

Lil Wayne: Lil Wayne recently got out of jail on weapons charges, so DWTS could be just the PR jump start he needs.

Robert Downey, Jr.: He might be too big of a star, but maybe if it was for a good cause, Iron Man could stop by and help teach everyone how to go from ex-con to internationally beloved superstar.

Alexis Neiers: DWTS seems to love E! reality stars, so why not this ex-con and Pretty Wild star.

Amy Fisher: Tom DeLay’s best bet at avoiding being the DWTS contestant with the longest jail sentence would be for the show to get the Long Island Lolita, who spent seven years in prison.

Vince Neil: Back in the ’80s Vince Neil did jail time for vehicular manslaughter, and after a stint on Skating with the Stars, it’s clear he’s willing to do anything.

Christian Slater: Slater spent some time in jail for drunk driving and assault in 1989, and even though he has a new show on FOX coming soon (Breaking In), going on Dancing with the Stars would be a much better career move.

So those are our eight picks for Dancing with the Cons, who would you pick?

(Image courtesy of ABC, Video courtesy of Hulu)

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